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Articles & Databases: Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies - Multicultural Queer Studies

Also check the list of recommended databases for Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies in general.

For additional resources see Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies Research Guide.

For personal assistance please contact Chris Salvano, Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies Librarian.

Highly Recommended

Peer Reviewed
Anthropology Plus The best source for cross-cultural studies of sexual identity, customs, etc. Lists articles in worldwide social and cultural anthropology, ethnology, and folklore from journal articles, reports, commentaries, books, and book chapters. Can limit to English in Advanced Search More Details... Yes Late 19th century to present
Bibliography of Asian Studies Lists western-language books, articles, and book chapters on all parts of Asia on many subjects, including issues of sexual identity, etc. Many sources are published in Asia and reflect an Asian viewpoint. More Details... Some scholarly sources are included, but cannot limit to these Some as early as 1779; 1971 to present for most sources
Handbook of Latin American Studies Books and other sources selected by experts on many subjects related to Latin America, including sexuality, etc. Many are in Spanish. More Details... Scholarly materials are included, but cannot limit to these 1935 to present
Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism Online Fulltext resource containing over 240 literary essays on individual critics and theorists, critical and theoretical schools and movements, and the critical and theoretical innovations of specific countries and historic periods. More Details... Essays by scholars 2nd edition, 2005
MLA Bibliography Comprehensive, international listing of literary criticism and theory, linguistics, film and drama criticism, cultural studies, and folklore, covering articles, book chapters, books, and more. Can limit to items in English and to type of resource, such as journal articles. More Details... Yes 1926 to present
Project MUSE Searchable fulltext of about 200 scholarly journals on subject in the arts and humanities. Includes many criticism journals. Especially good for queer theory, etc. More Details... Yes Vary for each publication; some are backfiles only
PsycARTICLES Fulltext articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association and other scholarly and professional organizations. More Details... Most sources are scholarly, but cannot limit to these Vary for each publication; most begin with the first issue to present.
PsycINFO Lists academic, research, and practical literature in psychology from 2,240 journals, dissertations, books and book chapters. More Details... Can limit to peer reviewed Vary; earliest is 1887 to present
Sociological Abstracts The sociological perspective on queer issues from journals, books, and other sources. More Details... Can limit to peer reviewed 1952 to present for most sources