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Articles & Databases: Legal Research


For additional additional legal resources see the Legal Research Guide.

Highly Recommended

Academic Search Premier Indexes major scholarly journals and popular magazines in all academic disciplines. Includes 150 legal journals and magazines 1984 to present
Free Full-Text Online Law Review/Journal Search Searches the free full-text of over 400 online law reviews and law journals, as well as document repositories hosting academic papers and related publications such as Congressional Research Service reports. Dates vary
Google Scholar Fulltext database containing the legal opinions of federal and state supreme, appellate and district courts. Also indexes law review journals. "Cited By" links lists subsequent opinions and other legal resources that have cited an opinion or law review article. Dates vary
LexisNexis Academic Fulltext database of journals, magazines, and journals; in addition the legal section includes fulltext of law reviews, legal reference works, and laws, court cases and regulations. More Details... Vary for each publication; most begin in the 1990s
OmniFile Full Text Mega Indexes major popular magazines and scholarly journals covering general topics, business, humanities, general science, education, and the social sciences. Includes over 350 legal journals and magazines. More Details... 1982 to present
ProQuest Congressional Full text database to publications and public policy issues related to the U.S. Congress.  Included in the searchable database are member information, bills, hearing transcripts, committee prints and other Congressional documents, the Congressional Record, public laws, the U.S. Code and Congressional news sources. Links to specific parts of ProQuest Congressional are found in the Statutory, Case and Administrative Law: Federal and California research guide. More Details... Dates vary

Also Recommended

CQ Weekly Weekly fulltext report of legislation and other activities in the U.S. Congress, including the status of bills, votes and amendments, and floor and committee activity. More Details... 1983 to present
NCJRS Abstracts Indexes articles and reports on corrections, juvenile justice, victims, and substance abuse. More Details... 1970 to present
US Government Publications Monthly Catalog Indexes documents issued by the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the US federal government. More Details... 1976 to present
If your research has legal ramifications in a particular subject area you should also search databases that index journal articles and other research in that subject area.
If your research requires you to find the text of legislation, laws, court cases or regulations see Federal and California Primary Legal Sources.