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Articles & Databases: Environmental Systems

Environmental Systems

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For additional environmental systems resources see Research Guides: Environmental Systems.

For personal assistance please contact Katia Karadjova, Environmental Systems Librarian.

Highly Recommended

Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management (ESPM) Comprehensive multidisciplinary index to environmental sciences and pollution research.  Cluster of over 13 separate indexes, including Environmental Engineering Abstracts and Water Resources Abstracts. More Details... Mostly 1981 to present; water resources coverage back to 1967
CE Database - American Society of Civil Engineers Index to all American Society of Civil Engineering publications -- journals, conference publications, books, standards, manuals, magazines, and newsletters.  HSU Library has access to 14 ASCE Journals. More Details... Mostly 1970 to present; selective  back to 1900
Academic Search Premier Index to scholarly and popular articles on many subjects, including engineering, environmental science and natural resources. 1984 to present
OmniFile Full Text Mega Index to scholarly and popular articles on many subjects, including engineering, energy and society, environmental science and natural resources. More Details... 1982 to present A global science gateway to scientific databases from 18 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Provides quality and authoritative information from the most current research.  

Also Recommended - Energy, Environment and Society

DOE Information Bridge Provides access to the research report literature of the U.S. Department of Energy.  The full text of thousands of documents may be downloaded. Primarily 1994 to present
Energy Citations Database Index to energy and energy-related literature from the U.S. Department of Energy and its predecessors. Includes citations to report literature, conference papers, journal articles, books, dissertations, and patents. Also has the full text of thousands of documents. 1948 to present
Geobase Broad-ranging index to the literature in geography, geology, and ecology. Subjects covered include energy, climatology and international development. More Details... 1980 to present
Science Accelerator Allows you to search across the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) collections of scientific and technical information.  Searches the “deep Web” content of DOE-generated research and related resources containing pertinent information on energy, science, and technology. Vary
Sustainability Science Abstracts Part of the ESPM cluster. Index to journal articles and other literature on the sustainability of natural resources, including sustainable energy. More Details... 1995 to present

Also Recommended - International Development Technology*

Agricola Comprehensive index to agricultural literature including rural development. More Details... 1970 to present
AGRIS Complements the Agricola database by indexing non-US agricultural publications. More Details... 1975 to present
Appropriate Technology Library Complete text and images from over 1,050 books covering all areas of village-level and do-it-yourself technology. Also contains reviews of 1150 practical books on village and small community technology. Vary
CCAT Library The Campus Center for Appropriate Technology's catalog for books about sustainable living and beyond. Vary
Eldis A gateway to development information which provides summaries and links to online documents. Also offers a directory of websites, databases, library catalogs and email discussion lists. Links to full text when available. Vary
Geobase Broad-ranging index to literature in the fields of geography, geology, ecology, oceanography, and international development. International Development Abstracts is part of GEOBASE. More Details... 1980 to present
Lexis/Nexis Academic Fulltext database containing news, business, medical and legal information.  Includes much material on developing countries. More Details... Vary

*In addition check the International Development Articles and Databases page.

Also Recommended - Environmental Resources Engineering Articles & Databases

Also Recommended - Geology Articles & Databases

Also Recommended - Mathematical Modeling**

MathSciNet Reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for the mathematical sciences literature literature, including mathematical modeling. More Details... 1940 to present; selective from 1864
ACM Digital Library Find articles from all journals and proceedings of the Association for Computing Machinery, the most important American professional organization for computing. More Details... Vary by title
Dissertations and Theses: the Humanities and Social Sciences Collection Index to dissertations and theses in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Most U.S. dissertations and theses are available fulltext. More Details... 1637 to present
WorldCat Index of over 62 million books, government documents, technical reports, media, maps, sound recordings, and other monographic materials found in 50,000 libraries worldwide. More Details... Vary

**For articles on mathematical modeling in specific disciplines, consult the Articles and Databases page for that particular discipline.

Other Databases to Consider

Google Scholar Index to scholarly journal articles and web pages in all academic disciplines. Good way to see who has cited an article. More Details... Vary
Scirus Scientific search engine that indexes articles, patents, pre-prints, technical reports and other scientific information available on the web. Vary