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Articles & Databases: Child Development


For additional child development resources see Child Development Research Guide.

For personal assistance please contact Joan Berman, Social Sciences Librarian.

Highly Recommended

Child Development & Adolescent Studies Growth and development of children, birth to age 21. More Details... 1927 to present
PsycINFO Psychology, development, behavioral sciences, mental health. More Details... 1890 to present; select from 1806
Family & Society Studies World Wide Practice and policy with families and individuals—international. More Details... 1970 to present
ERIC Education literature including journals and unpublished reports. More Details... 1966 to present

Also Recommended

Medline Medicine, psychiatry, brain research, health. More Details... 1965 to present
America: History & Life History of the United States and Canada. More Details... 1954 to present
Anthropology Plus Social, cultural, physical, biological, and linguistic anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, folklore, material culture, and interdisciplinary studies. More Details... Late 19th century to present
Child Welfare Information Gateway A gateway to information about child welfare, child abuse and neglect, adoption, search and reunion. More Details... Varies
Sociological Abstracts Sociology and behavioral sciences. More Details... 1952 to present; selective from 1920
Social Services Abstracts Social work, mental health, gerontology, the family, violence. More Details... 1979 to present
Health and Psychosocial Instruments Covers measurement instruments in psychology, health, and organizational behavior. More Details... 1985 to present