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How Do I Find...?

For help with research on specific subject, please go to the Research Guides page.

For information not found below about the Humboldt State University Library, its collections, services, and personnel, please use the Site Search feature in the header above. Type in a word or phrase, such as parking or wireless access, to find the information you seek.

Articles, when I know the subject, author, or title
Articles from an older newspaper
Atlases and Maps
A book in the HSU Library
Book Reviews
California State Documents at HSU and Online
An explanation of a call number and the Library of Congress Classification System
Census Information
Information about checking out Library materials
Children's Literature
Cite a Source
Colleges & Universities information
Compact Discs
Copyright and Plagiarism information
Curriculum Collection
DVDs and Videos
Directions to the Library
Environmental Impact Assessment Reports
Federal Government Documents at HSU and Online
Film Reviews
Grants information
Humboldt County information
Information on obtaining material from another library using Interlibrary Loan
Internet Access in the Library
A journal, magazine, or newspaper in the Library or online
Journal Title Abbreviations
Kindle Fire
Library Hours
Literary Criticism
Microforms in the HSU Library
Movie Reviews
Opposing Viewpoints
If a journal is scholarly/peer-reviewed or popular
Plays, Scenes, and Monologues
Poetry and Poetry Criticism
A Printer in the Library
Reference Management Tools for Research & Writing
Scores and Sheet Music
Short Stories and Criticism
A Student Job in the Library
Study Space
Style Manuals
Theses and Dissertations
Tide Tables, Time, Calendars & Ephemeris
Video Research Tutorials
Help with Writing Assignments
Help with Zotero