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Research Guides: Communication

This Guide will help you locate and use the Humboldt State University Library and other resoruces related to the curriculum of the HSU Department of Communication, which includes interpersonal, small group, public,nonverbal, organizational, and intercultural communication and persuasion.

Library Resources - Print and Electronic

To locate books in print or electronic format ... start by searching the HSU Library Catalog.

To locate journal articles and/or indexes to the communication literature (including journals, books and book chapters, theses and dissertations, radio and television transcripts) ... refer to Articles & Databases: Communication.

For assistance locating style manuals, statistics, opposing viewpoints, speeches and transcripts, government information, etc. ... use the How Do I Find...? page.

For an introduction to use key library resources, including how to select a topic, organize your research, find and evaluate information, and use information ethically ... refer to Research Roadmap.

Communication Resources on the Web


Nonverbal Communication

Rhetoric and Public Speaking

Open Access Communication Journals

Communication Associations and Graduate Programs

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Last Updated: April 29, 2009

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