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Help with Writing Assignments

Here are suggestions for finding help with writing assignments, including examples that you can use as models, methods of researching and composing different kinds of papers, and information about grammar, spelling, English usage, and writing mechanics.


You can use the call numbers given here as guides to browsing in Reference or the main collection to find additional sources.


Here are some recommended books that can be checked out:

These books are mostly located in the PE 1400s. You will be able to find many more useful books by browsing in this section, especially in the PE 1420s, PE 1430s, and PE 1470s. Books on writing term papers are in LB 2369, and some books on general college study skills are located in the LB 2395 section. These books often include secions on composition and library research, so you may want to browse there also.

Use these terms in the HSU Library Catalog to find more books. Go to Advanced Search and choose Subject from the drop down In: menu. Then enter your terms.

book reviewing
english language business english
english language dictionaries
english language grammar
english language rhetoric
english language style
english language technical english
english language usage
exposition rhetoric
quotations english
report writing
study method of

Remember that librarians are available to assist you at any stage of your writing assignment. Please consult one if you have any questions.