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Resources for More Advanced PowerPoint XP

Tutorials | Tips & Goodies


Introduction to PowerPoint XP University of Michigan Flint (

Digital Studio Tutorials (
Tutorials and tips for the mulitmedia use of PowerPoint....

Eastern Illinois University PowerPoint XP Introduction (

Eastern Illinois University PowerPoint XP Intermediate (

Lakeland Community College PowerPoint XP Tutorial (

Microsoft - Using Microsoft PowerPoint (
How to articles, and tips and tricks from Microsoft.

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire PowerPoint XP (

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Tips & Goodies

Audio Browser: Sound Files (
This web page has links to various sound files--most of them are free.

Presenters University - Web Tutorials (
These tutorials deal with the graphic design of your presentation, content, and skills for the most effective delivery of your presentation.

Presentation Helper (
Contains quotes and jokes for speakers as well a template creator, free clip art & templates.. (
Contains multiple articles on the creation of presentations, visuals, and handouts. Slow to load....

Presenting Solutions - Art of Communicating Effectively (
Lengthy essay full of tips on how to give a successful presentation.

Psychology of Color (

Reenie's Presentation Survival Skills (
Tips for business presentations.

Virtual Presentation Assistant - University of Kansas-Department of Communication Studies (
A wonderful guide to selecting your topic, researching your topic, outlining and supporting your points, presenting your speech, etc.

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