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Resources for More Advanced PowerPoint 97
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Computer Based Training for Microsoft Office 97: PowerPoint 97 (new window)

(HSU only)

Use this link to enter the list of proprietary computer based training modules available to the HSU community.  You must install a reader to use the modules (instructions for downloading and installing the reader are included on the web page linked under the label  "Getting Started" which shows up in the menu at the top of this page.)  The Power Point 97 module is listed with the Microsoft Office 97 group of training materials about midway down the list of training courses.  The guide states that you may complete the basic tutorial in four hours.
 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire PowerPoint (new window)
This is a very complete and well organized tutorial.  The best place to go for an in-depth understanding of most features.
Microsoft Power Point Tutorial for Teachers (new window)
A brief basic tutorial with links to software tutorials for other Microsoft products.
Presenters University - Tutorials (new window)
These  tutorials deal with the graphic design of your presentation, content, and skills for the most effective delivery of your presentation.
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Tips & Goodies
Audio Browser: Sound Files (new window)
This web page has links to various sound files--most of them are free.
Inserting Screen shots into Power Point 97 (new window) (
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