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51YesSwanlund-BakerGroup, Eureka Socialists
52YesSwanlund-BakerGroup, Eureka Socialists
53YesSwanlund-BakerGroup of Orangemen
54YesSwanlund-BakerCourt Edwards and his Unicycle - about 1907 in Sequoia Park
55YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka Band/rjb]
56YesSwanlund-Baker[Sequoia Park/unknown]
57YesSwanlund-Baker[Sequoia Park/unknown]
58YesSwanlund-Baker[Dept store/ss]
59YesSwanlund-Baker[Dept Store employee#2]
60YesSwanlund-Baker[Rollar skating bldg/ss]
61YesSwanlund-Baker[dental chair/ss]
62YesSwanlund-Baker[2 story school - Franklin - Myrtle Ave?/ss]
64YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka with Carpet House/ss]
65YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka with Carson House/ss]
66YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka & bay/ss]
67YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka & Island/ss]
69YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka, downtown Eureka Inn/ss]
70YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka from Samoa dunes/ss]
71YesSwanlund-BakerF. st. Eureka Calif
72YesSwanlund-Baker[Court Edwards & moncycle/ss]
73YesSwanlund-Baker[Man in uniform/ss]
74YesSwanlund-Baker[Carson House/unknown]
75YesSwanlund-Baker2nd St at F
76YesSwanlund-Baker[downtown with streetcar/ss]
77YesSwanlund-Baker[F and second streets in Eureka]
78YesSwanlund-Baker[Sweasey Theater under construction]
79YesSwanlund-Baker[Imperial Theater]
80YesSwanlund-Baker[Portola Theater entrance]
81YesSwanlund-Baker[F amd Second Streets area in Eureka with boys posing]
82YesSwanlund-Baker[Cows in pasture with standing dead trees in background]
83YesSwanlund-BakerSt. Francis Hospital Eureka Calif
84YesSwanlund-BakerE St Eureka Calif
85YesSwanlund-Baker[Parade] [Floats in Eureka/ss]
86YesSwanlund-Baker[Bird's-eye view of Eureka south-west of county courthouse]
87YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka #1920P/unknown]
88YesSwanlund-Baker[Cow grazing near a river]
89YesSwanlund-Baker[Pastime Theatre]
90YesSwanlund-Baker[Eureka St with buggy/ss]
91YesSwanlund-Baker[Old Fort Humboldt/rjb]
92YesSwanlund-BakerUnion Labor Hospital 1909
93YesSwanlund-BakerCourt House after Quake of 1906
94YesSwanlund-BakerRuins of Old Fort Humboldt - Eureka Cal,1894 [Old Fort Humboldt/rjb]
95YesSwanlund-BakerDr Paul Burns Eureka Calif
96YesSwanlund-Baker[Fort Humboldt - Eureka/unknown]
97YesSwanlund-Baker[Highway Bldg. Eureka/unknown]
98YesSwanlund-Baker[Water Works - Eureka/unknown]
99YesSwanlund-Baker[House, craftsman style with dog]
100YesSwanlund-Baker[House, Craftsman style with snow]

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