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1YesSwanlund-BakerCarson Logging train
2YesSwanlund-BakerLogging train from Carson woods
3YesSwanlund-BakerLogging train from Carson Woods
4YesSwanlund-BakerLogging Train [TPL 25/ss]
5YesSwanlund-BakerLogging Camp Group
6YesSwanlund-BakerLogging - Fallen timber
7YesSwanlund-BakerCalif. Logging dump
8YesSwanlund-Baker[Logging scene Scotia Bluff/ss]
9YesSwanlund-BakerCooks at Falk logging camp
10YesSwanlund-BakerLogging at Camp A
11YesSwanlund-BakerLogging Operation [Crew on felled tree/ss]
12YesSwanlund-Baker[Man on bridge in logging operation]
13YesSwanlund-Baker[Logging - Crosscut Saw/unknown]
14YesSwanlund-Baker[Logging - Cross cut sawing/unknown]
15YesSwanlund-Baker[Logging - Perrott Creek/unknown]
16YesEricsonScene Near Trinidad [Three young girls pose with logs in a logging scene]
17YesEricsonIn the California Redwoods. Old Way of Logging No.3 [Ox team - first stage of logging/unknown][In Harrison Gulch at Korbel]
18YesEricsonAmong the California Redwoods. New Way, 24 Logs to Load, Reg No.7/Excelsior Redwood Co [Logging in Excelsior Redwood Co. woods/unknown]
19YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Logging in Vance Woods #1/unknown]
20YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Logging in Vance Woods #2/unknown]
21YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Ox team - First stage of logging #4/unknown]
22YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Ox team - Vance Woods #2, First stage of logging/unknown]
23YesEricson[Logging Vance Woods - About 1900/unknown]
24YesEricson[Bull Donkey Logging - Vance Woods #4/unknown]
25YesEricsonLogging Scene at Vance's Mad River [Logging by Bull Donkey #6/unknown]
26YesEricson[3rd stage of logging #1, bull donkey (Dolberg spool donkey)/unknown]
27YesEricson[Logging by Horse team Vance Woods (2nd stage of logging #3)/unknown]
28YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Logging by Horse team #2/unknown]
29YesEricson[Horse team - 2nd stage of logging #1/unknown][Near Glendale or Korbel]
30YesEricsonLogging Scene at Vance's, Mad River [Logging by bull donkey/unknown]
31YesEricson[Number 11 Logging train/unknown]
32YesEricson[Under cut - Vance woods logging/unknown]
33YesEricson[Ox team - First stages of logging #1 - Vance Woods/unknown]
34YesEricson[Logging in Vance Woods/unknown]
35YesEricsonExcelsior Redwood Co Eureka Cal. 10 ft. Dia [Logging by Bull Donkey/unknown]
36YesEricson[Bull Donkey logging #5/unknown]
37YesEricson[Ox team - first stage of logging - Vance Woods/unknown]
38YesEricson[Bull Donkey - 3rd stage of Logging #2/unknown]
39YesEricson[Excelsior Redwood Co. logging - Freshwater #3/unknown]
40YesEricsonAfter logging, Vance's, Mad River/Among the Redwoods in California [Results of Logging/unknown]
41YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Logging in Vance Woods/unknown]
42YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Logging in Vance Woods/unknown]
43YesEricson[Logging in Vance Woods/unknown]
44YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Logging/unknown]
45YesEricsonAmong the Redwoods in California [Redwood Logging/unknown]
46YesEricson[Redwood Logging (skid road)/unknown]
47YesEricson[Bull Donkey logging/unknown]
48YesEricsonExcelsior Redwood Co, Eureka, Cal.
49YesEricson[Man standing on a large log at a logging site]
50YesEricson[Men posing at their work in a logging operation]

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