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Photo ID:2003.01.1437
Author/Creator:Bunnell, Schuyler Ulysses
Title:Elk River Mill and Lumber Co, Falk Calif.
Alt Title:[Panorama of Mill on River in Valley]
Subjects:Falk; Forests and Forestry; Lumbering; Mills; Railroads; Buildings; People; Bird's-eye views; Elk River; Photograph styles
Author's Number:931
Region:05 - Humboldt Bay and Eureka.
Comments:title written on image || "photo by S.U. Bunnell 1912 #67 Falk p.77" written on verso of .1437c or Pano 3 || One print of panorama photo, 4 negs, 4 prints; Kenneth Stenstrom (June 2013) states "This picture is of the wrecked passenger coach on the river bed of the Mad River after the fatal bridge collapse on 15 September 1896. The remains of the collapsed bridge structure visible in photos 2003.01.1229, 2003.01.3202, and 2003.01.2825 can be seen in the upper right corner of the photo."
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Pano 14x5 ingoodb/wphotographic negative
Pano 14x5 ingoodb/wphotoprint
Pano 24x5 ingoodb/wphotographic negative
Pano 24x5 ingoodb/wphotoprint
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Pano 34x5 ingoodb/wphotoprint
Pano 44x5 ingoodb/wphotographic negative
Pano 44x5 ingoodb/wphotoprint