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1YesPalmquist/YaleGarberville, California, On Famous Redwood Highway
2YesPalmquist/YaleMiranda, California on Redwood Highway. "In The Heart of The Redwoods."
3YesPalmquist/YaleLooking East on Fifth St. Eureka, Cal.
4YesPalmquist/YaleAt G St., looking west on Fifth St., Eureka, Calif.
5YesPalmquist/YaleLooking north on F. St. from Fifth Intersection, Eureka, Cal.
6YesPalmquist/YaleFortuna, California. Looking east on Main St. from Tenth St. Intersection.
7YesPalmquist/YaleFortuna, Calif. Looking west on Main St. from Ninth St. Intersection.
8YesPalmquist/Yale"The worlds Largest Redwood Mill" Scotia, California
9YesPalmquist/YaleScotia, California "Location site of the most famous Redwood Lumber Mills", On Redwood Highway.
10YesPalmquist/YaleScotia, California "In The Heart of The Redwoods." On Redwood Highway
11YesPalmquist/YaleGarberville, Claif. "In The Heart of The Redwoods" Redwood Highway.
12YesPalmquist/YaleGarberville, California. On Famous Redwood Highway.
13YesPalmquist/YaleKlamath, California Famous Sport Fishermens Center.
14YesPalmquist/YaleKlamath, California. Chinook Salmon Sport Fishing Center. On Redwood Highway.
15YesPalmquist/Yale Weott, California. "In The Heart of The Redwoods" Redwood Highway.
16YesPalmquist/YaleLooking East on Second Street at H. St., Crescent City, Cal.
17YesPalmquist/YaleLooking East on Second St.,at I St. Crescent City, Calif.
18YesPalmquist/YaleLooking West on Second St. at J St., Crescent City, Calif
19YesPalmquist/YaleKlamath, California. Famous for Chinook Salmon Sport Fishing.
20YesPalmquist/YaleRio Dell, California. "In The Heart of the Redwoods," Redwood Highway.
21YesPalmquist/YaleRio Dell, California. "In The Heart of The Redwoods." On Redwood Highway
22YesPalmquist/YaleWeott, California, On Famous California Redwood Highway.
23YesPalmquist/Yale"150 Truck Tie-up" Redwood Log Truckage to the millls, California Redwood Highway. [Long line of trucks holding very large logs]
24YesPalmquist/YaleOrick, California, On Redwood Highway.
25YesPalmquist/YaleFishermans's Wharf on Humboldt Bay at Eureka, Calif.
26YesPalmquist/YaleSouth Park Art Court, Eureka, Calif; On Redwood Highway
27YesPalmquist/YaleKlamath, California. "So It Rained" Dec. 23, 1955. [Earl Zeigler Chevron Station]
28YesPalmquist/YaleFlood Damage. Dec. 22, 1955 Redwood Highway. [Klamath Garage]
29YesPalmquist/YaleAeroplane View of Klamath at Flood. Dec. 23, 1955. On Famous Redwood Highway.
30YesPalmquist/YaleLooking North at Orick on Redwood Highway California
31YesPalmquist/YaleOrick, California, "Shopping Center" on Redwood Highway
32YesPalmquist/YaleTower Lodge, Pepperwood Calif. On Famous Redwood Highway.
33YesPalmquist/YalePres-to-Log Plant The Pacific Lumber Co. Scotia, Calif.
34YesPalmquist/YaleMill Pond of The Pacific Lumber Co., Scotia, Calif.
35YesPalmquist/YaleThe Suspension Bridge over the South Fork of the Eel River at Riverdale Resort, Legget, California. Redwood Highway.
36YesPalmquist/YaleBridge - Picture 1
37YesPalmquist/YaleBridge - Picture 2 [Road work at a bridge site]
38YesPalmquist/YaleSouth of Alton [Highway 101]
39YesPalmquist/YaleSouth of Alton, North of Rio Dell; 4 lanes divided [Highway 101]
40YesPalmquist/YaleSouth of Alton; four lanes [Highway 101]
41YesPalmquist/YaleLog truck [Five men standing by Joe J. Rossi Co. log truck]
42YesPalmquist/Yale[Hoopa Store/pp]
43YesPalmquist/Yale[Hoopa Valley - S.W./pp]
44YesPalmquist/Yale[Tish Tang I Tang Ranch/pp] [Tish Tang]
45YesPalmquist/Yale[Saw and Grist mills/pp]
46YesPalmquist/Yale[Parade Ground - from S. W. Corner in Front of Surgeon's Quarters - Fort Gaston/pp]
48YesPalmquist/Yale[Bridge over Supply Creek, between Post and Agency Buildings/pp]
49YesPalmquist/Yale[Aunt Nancy Ranch/pp]
50YesPalmquist/YaleSalmon River Covered Bridge - Built 1924 - 82 Ft. long- 2 mi. E. of Sawyer's Bar, California

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