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1 HCC MapsSketch of the Northwestern Part of California, accompanying a Journal of the expedition of Col Redick McKee, US Indian Agent, during the summer and fall of 1851, by George Gibbs
2 HCC MapsMap Showing the Distribution of the Tribes of Alaska and Adjoining Territory
3 HCC MapsMap Showing the Distribution of Indian Tribes of California, to Illustrate Report of Stephen Powers
4 HCC MapsMap of the Military Reservation at Fort Gaston, California [and] Ground Plan of Quarters, etc…at Camp Gaston
5 HCC Maps[Orleans]
6 HCC Maps[Warren Creek Mill]
7 HCC MapsMap of Northern California Mining District
8 HCC MapsNorthwestern Pacific Railroad
9 HCC MapsTownship 7 North, Range 3 East, Humboldt Meridian
10 HCC MapsNorthwestern Pacific R.R. Northern Division, Sketch Showing Location of Milwaukee Spur at Samoa
11 HCC MapsMap showing site of State Redwood Park as selected by the Committee
12 HCC MapsLayout of Tracks at Fairhaven [Rolph's Shipyard]
13 HCC MapsSurvey for Mrs George Herrick in Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, and 11, T3N R2W HB and M
14 HCC MapsArcata & Mad River R.R., California's First Railroad [Centennial Commemorative Calendar]
15 HCC Maps[Proposed Logging Display, Fort Humboldt]
16 HCC MapsFort Humboldt State Historical Monument Proposed Logging Display Site Plan
17 HCC MapsFlood Plain Zoning at Mouth of Klamath River
18 HCC MapsIndian Territories [of the] Six Rivers National Forest
19 HCC MapsThe Hoopa Valley: Hoopa Valley Village Sites as of 1850
20 HCC MapsBigfoot Country Touring Map of Northern California
21 HCC MapsRailroads of the Redwood Empire
22 HCC MapsMap of Klamath River Indian Towns
23 HCC MapsMap of the Territory of the Wiyot Language Showing Village Sites
24 HCC MapsMap of the Survey at North Fork of Mad River
25 HCC Maps[Salmon River Watershed]
26 HCC MapsCensus Tract/Block Numbering Area Outline Map [Humboldt County, California]
27 HCC MapsCarte Detailee des Etablissements Russes dans la Haute Californie [Map of Russian Settlements in Northern California]
28 HCC MapsDemartin's Shipping Point, Del Norte County
29 HCC MapsDenny's Map of Siskiyou County California
30 HCC MapsMetsker's Map of Del Norte County, California
31 HCC MapsMetsker's Map of Del Norte County, California
32 HCC MapsMetsker's Map of Del Norte County, California
33 HCC MapsDel Norte County, California, Map of
34 HCC MapsTrinity County, California
35 HCC MapsMetsker's Map of Trinity County, California
36 HCC MapsMetsker's Map of Siskiyou County, California
37 HCC MapsFort Bragg General Plan 1981
38 HCC MapsMaps of Mendocino County with Ukiah, California [1st edition]
39 HCC MapsMetsker's Map of Mendocino County, California
40 HCC MapsMontana de Oro State Park, Hazard Canyon, Presettlement Vegetation Project
41 HCC MapsLake Earl Project Study Site A (North) Presettlement Vegetation Project

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