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1YesHover[Posed portrait of three men on the occasion of a White Deerskin Dance]
2YesHoverSweat House, Orleans, California.
3YesHover[Plank structure with eel net leaning against it (LH)]
4YesHover[Woman paddling dugout canoe]
5YesHover[Grace Nicholson and unidentified man in a canoe]
6YesHoverLumphy Pepper, 1923.
7YesHover[Woman carrying wood, walking on trail]
8YesHoverWhite Deerskin Dance, Klamath River Indians
9YesHover[White Deerskin Dance]
10YesHoverP.L.Young, Orleans, California. Deerskin Dance by the Klamath River Indians, 1900
11YesHoverDeerskin Dance, 1900
12YesHoverIndian Dance
14YesHoverIndian Dance
15YesHoverDeerskin Dance
16YesHoverOld Captain, Brother of Sandy Bar Bob, old time Indians
17YesHoverIndian Dance
18YesHover[Two women in regalia with crowd in background]
19YesHoverKarok man and wife, Orleans, California
20YesHoverOld lady taking a smoke, 1900.
21YesHover[Two men playing stick game and crowd in background]
22YesHoverWhite Deerskin Dance
23YesHoverAn Indian Dance, Natives, Orleans, Cal.
24YesHover[Elderly woman with a burden basket]
25YesHoverWhite Deerskin Dance
26YesHover[Men, women, and children with buckets and baskets]
27YesHover[White Deerskin Dancers with a large group watching]
28YesHover[White Deerskin Dancers walking single file]
29YesHoverFannie Bacon, who gave the ground for the church, Orleans, California.
30YesHoverIndian Dance, White Deerskin, Hoopa, California. Ericson Photograph
31YesHover[White Deerskin Dance]
32YesHover[Sourvam Dolly - name after mt.]
33YesHover[White Deerskin Dancers]
34YesHoverWhite Deerskin Dance, Hoopa Cal.
35YesHoverWhite Deerskin Dance, Hoopa, Cal.
36YesHoverTaken above Somes Bar, McYarla.
37YesHoverWhite Deerskin Dance, Hoopa, Cal.
38YesHoverSweat House, near Georgia Henry’s Orleans, California. [Left to right] P.L. Young, Sandy Bar Joe, Jim Davis and Webb, 1888.
39YesHoverWhite Deerskin Dance
40YesHoverBasket collection. Seely’s Redwood Studio Photograph.
41YesHover[Mrs. Elsie E. Hover with a child, baskets and regalia]
42YesHoverBasket collection, Mrs. Elsie E. Hover on left. Seely’s Redwood Studio Photograph.
43YesHoverMrs. Orcutt (Lottie), Isabel Orcutt’s grandmother, 1908. Somes’ widow.
44YesHover[Plank house]
45YesHover[Four men with baskets and regalia]
46YesHover[Five men in regalia during a Brush Dance]
47YesHover[Baskets displayed in a home setting; cultural/tribal origin of each written on back]
48YesHover[Three men showing stick game sticks and toggle]

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