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1YesBoyle[Beach patrol - Clam Beach, during World War II]
2YesBoyle[A landing at "The Gap" in the Hammond Woods]
3YesBoyle[Equipment at "The Gap" in Hammond Woods
4YesBoyle["Powder Man" on rail car M Line, Sept. 1938, Hammond Woods
5YesBoyle[Whales head, Trinidad Whaling Station]
6YesBoyle[Man outside Pinkham's Saloon]
7YesBoyle["Shenandoah" passing over Trinidad]
8YesBoyle[Sid Webster by Pinkham's Saloon]
9YesBoyle[H. Aber, camp cook, August 1922]
10YesBoyle[A good catch of black bass, August 1922
11YesBoyle[Jack Mooney, head flencher, Trinidad Whaling Station]
12YesBoyle[The whaler, "Hawk," laying mooring, Trinidad, May 1922]
13YesBoyle[A 50 foot whale going up the slip, August 1922]
14YesBoyle[A butchering knife and a whale's mouth]
15YesBoyle[The whale boat towing in whales off Trinidad]
16YesBoyle[Heaving a sperm whale up the slip, Sept. 1922]
17YesBoyle[Finback whale of 75 ft, Trinidad Whaling Station, August 1922]
18YesBoyle[A young whale removed from female, July 1922, Trinidad Whaling Station]
20YesBoyle["Oil car" for whale oil, Trinidad railroad depot area, Aug 1922]
21YesBoyle[A few of the crew, Aug. 1922, Trinidad Whaling Station, third from left Sid A. Webster]
22YesBoyle[A young whale with men on slip. Trinidad Whaling Station, July 1922. Second from left, Sid A. Webster]
23YesBoyle[Bringing a 75ft sperm whale to the slip, Trinidad Whaling station, Sept. 1922]
24YesBoyle[One of the bone cookers, Fletcher Truckdriver. July 1922, Trinidad Whaling Station]
25YesBoyle["Pink" of Pinkham's Saloon, corner of Edwards and Trinity, with Sid A. Webster, Trinidad]
26YesBoyle[A 45 foot whale being towed up the slip at Trinidad, August 1922]
27YesBoyle[Trinidad Beach, June 1922]
28YesBoyle[View from the top of Little Head of whale going up the slip at Trinidad, August, 1922]
29YesBoyle[Sid A. Webster at Trinidad Whaling Station in a whale mouth]
30YesBoyle[Pat, Jack and Bill, Trinidad, June 1922]
31YesBoyle[Trinidad Whaling Station, June 1922]
32YesBoyle[Men and whale]
33YesBoyle[Grace and Burr McConnaha]
34YesBoyle[Mose Saunder's store at Trinidad, S.A. Webster inside]
35YesBoyle[Trinidad Whaling Station crew, August 1923]

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