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1YesBoyle[Trinidad Whaling Station under construction / RK]
2YesBoyle[Trinidad Whaling Station under construction, with Little Head on left and Trinidad Head on right / RK]
3YesBoyle[Boards used in whaling station construction, horse team in background / RK]
4YesBoyle[Men with surveying tripod in front of whaling station under construction in Trinidad / RK]
5YesBoyle[Whaling station under construction, looking south / RK]
6YesBoyle[Workers posing next to pipe section being trucked down to whaling station construction site / RK]
7YesBoyle[Whaling station under construction in Trinidad, with Trinidad Head on right and Little Head on left / RK]
8YesBoyle[Whaling slip leading to whaling station under construction with Little Head in background / RK]
9YesBoyle[Whaling station nearing completion / RK]
10YesBoyle[Machinery for whaling station / RK]
11YesBoyle[Top floor of whaling station under construction, looking south / RK]
12YesBoyle[Slip leading to whaling station under construction / RK]

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