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1YesBoyleMark Sundberg with bandoler of red woodpecker heads and money beads
2YesBoyleLisa Sundberg as a young girl posing with a flower stick
3YesBoyleEntrance to house at Requa
4YesBoyleHouse at Requa
5YesBoyleJosephine Peters on stage at Humboldt County Fair with granddaughter, with wood basket and dress
6YesBoyleLuffenholtz Indian surf fish camp with nets propped to one side
7YesBoyleStick game at Klamath
8YesBoyleJosephine Peters' granddaughter with hair-wrapped fur.
9YesBoyleDance pit interior
10YesBoyleA dance group of Tolowa Indians
11YesBoyleCeremonial dance with male figures in front portion, men and women standing behind
12YesBoyleLarge group of Indians on stage at Humboldt County Fair
13YesBoyleTolowa children dancing at Smith River
14YesBoyleGrandpa Natt putting a ceremonial hat on Sam Lopez
15YesBoyleJump basket and woodpecker hat modeled by Mark Sundberg
16YesBoyleMayme Kaparisis in class room with artifacts from her collection
17YesBoylePhoto of 100 year old Tolowa woman, Ms. Brown
18YesBoyleMaggie Pilgrim with surf fish
19YesBoyleAxel Lindgren with canoe project
20YesBoyleGilfishing at Luffenholtz
21YesBoyleMen at Klamath ceremony
22YesBoyleBaby in Indian basket at Klamath festival
23YesBoyleSam Lopez with Tolowa Indian dancers on Smith River
24YesBoyleSurffish with Katie [Boyle] at net
25YesBoyleEileen Figueroa and girl washing fish at Luffenholtz
26YesBoyleClose up of wind drying surffish with large openwork basket and fish being turned
27YesBoyleTwo girls washing surffish with submerged basket.
28YesBoyleThree Indian ladies turning drying fish
29YesBoyleEileen Figueroa turning fish at Luffenholtz

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