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1YesBoyleMan with tongs of shovel loader
2YesBoyleLima shovel loader, #10 Hammond
3YesBoyleMan planting trees
4YesBoyleTree planting crew
5YesBoyleMan digging hole to plant tree
6YesBoyleCrew planting trees
7YesBoyleInside office at Big Lagoon
8YesBoyleTraffic change sign on A Line from Big Lagoon to Crannell
9YesBoyleDrying Douglas Fir cones and Redwood on drying rack system
10YesBoyleMan with engine inside shop
11YesBoyleMan inside shop
12YesBoyleMan by logging equipment
13YesBoyleFour men in front of Hammond Lumber Co. office at Big Lagoon
14YesBoyleSign "For Fire Only"
15YesBoyleMen on split log in woods
16YesBoyleChocks caulks; truck with load with chain and double tires
17YesBoyleLogs loaded on truck
18YesBoyleTwo men near rigging workshed
19YesBoyleDifferent shot of two men near rigging workshed
20YesBoyleMen up tree working rigging
21YesBoyleDouble drum cat used for loading or yarding, associated with rig-up crew
22YesBoyleDouble drum cat
23YesBoyleCat with arch pulling log with man in protective cage
24YesBoyleHyster Arch being pulled by caterpillar
25YesBoyleInternational Bulldozer with equipment making landing
26YesBoyleWrecked Mack truck
27YesBoyleTwo cats on landing
28YesBoyleWork crew posing for camera
29YesBoyleWreck of Hammond #109
30YesBoyleWrecked truck on side, spilled load
31YesBoyleCat ready to lift tilted truck
32YesBoyleLoaded truck with man on ladder - scaler?
33YesBoyleMen posed by off-highway truck
34YesBoyleOff-highway trucks at Crannell reload
35YesBoyleMain road from Big Lagoon to Crannell
36YesBoyleView of truck highway through woods
37YesBoyleTruck lost part of load, back end at 30 degree angle
38YesBoyle#109 truck on side with other loads of trucks behind it
39YesBoyleHigh climber Carl Saney putting on his climbing spurs
40YesBoyleHigh climber Carl Saney ready to go up tree
41YesBoyleView of Carl Saney, high climber
42YesBoyleTruck road with truck under spar tree, hayrack boom rigging
43YesBoyleMen on slope with equipment
44YesBoyleTruck #113 loaded with bottom logs and equipment on top
45YesBoyleLogging equipment on rail car
46YesBoyleBlade pulling other equipment
47YesBoyleCat loaded on low bed Hammond truck #23.
48YesBoyleView of fire in the woods
49YesBoyleCold deck in woods - stacked logs
50YesBoyleCold deck

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