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1YesBoyleHayrack Boom
2YesBoyleIn Hammond Woods, man by logs
3YesBoyleSlacker #50 logging equipment
4YesBoyle"Shaking Tongs," releasing tongs in the woods
5YesBoyleMan using drag saw - chopper with "thumbboldt" notch on tree
6YesBoyleCarco Arch in the '30s
7YesBoyleDrag saw cutting the Humboldt
8YesBoyleAs a tree starts to fall, dragsaw sequence
9YesBoyleLogging scene
10YesBoyleOn the staging getting ready to fall a tree with dragsaw
11YesBoyleMoving a spar pole by rail used in places where material tree not growing "raised spar tree"
12YesBoyleLoading a hayrack boom
13YesBoyleLogging scene
14YesBoyleElectric saw, Big Nick Nichols on right
15YesBoyleGenerator on truck for electric saw
16YesBoyleUndercut on tree
17YesBoyleWoods scene - railcars going around turn, logging train
18YesBoyleMan by stump
19YesBoyleYarder setting with hayrack boom in Hammond woods before World War II
20YesBoyleRailroad in Hammond woods showing siding
21YesBoyleOverview of logged woods and uncut timber in background
22YesBoyleTrestles for railroad logging
23YesBoyleLogging Camp #21, Hammond, in snow
24YesBoyleLocomotive #11
25YesBoyleMen on a Speeder
26YesBoyleFirst school at Camp 20, later a community hall
27YesBoyleAt Little River Junction showing depot, train in distance, several tracks and men.
28YesBoyleAt Little River Junction, showing depot, several tracks, and men
29YesBoyleLocomotive off tracks in woods
30YesBoyleBaker residence in Camp 20
31YesBoyleView of logging camp from distance
32YesBoyleMan with logging equipment
33YesBoyleBoy on speeder, houses in background
34YesBoyleYard and residence at Camp 20
35YesBoyleBuilding at Camp 20
36YesBoyleTrain at Camp 20
37YesBoyleScene at Camp 20
38YesBoyleLogging camp view
39YesBoyleBrick Baker, building and tracks above Camp 20.
40YesBoyleLogging equipment by Camp 20
41YesBoyleVery high trestle
42YesBoyleBuilding railroad bridge
43YesBoyleBuilding railroad bridge with houses in distance
44YesBoyleLogging equipment and man
45YesBoyleMoving day at Camp 20
46YesBoyleView of Camp 20
47YesBoyleMoving day at Camp 20 to Crannell
48YesBoyleMoving day at Camp 20
49YesBoyleLogging train at Crannell
50YesBoyleHammond Locomotive #11

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