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1YesBoyleLooking north across Big Lagoon at town.
2YesBoyleLogged, cut over area northeast across lagoon
3YesBoylePartial view of Louisiana Pacific town at Big Lagoon across lagoon.
4YesBoyleShop buildings at Big Lagoon, looking north across lagoon.
5YesBoyleSawmill and log deck looking east (logged over hillside).
6YesBoyleLouisiana Pacific sign at entry to logging operation north of Big Lagoon
7YesBoyleApproaching Big Lagoon town is sign on road - speed limit, with view of cleared area
8YesBoyleMobile homes of Louisiana Pacific at Big Lagoon
9YesBoyleView of gate - timekeeper's cabin looking east
10YesBoyleLooking south to boss's houses at residences on either side of road
11YesBoyleThe office building at Big Lagoon
12YesBoyleView of Dining Hall, men's cabins
13YesBoyleView of trailers and parking lot near timekeeper's gate
14YesBoyleView of residences
15YesBoyleLooking south beyond residences - see south side of Big Lagoon trees, regrowth of 1945.
16YesBoyle[Camel Rock with Little River Bridge in background / RK]
17YesBoyle[Part of Pacific Fishing Fleet moored by rock in Trinidad Harbor / RK]
18YesBoyle[Commercial fishing boats from Pacific Fishing Fleet moored in Trinidad Harbor / RK]
19YesBoyle[Commercial fishing boats moored off Trinidad Head / RK]
20YesBoyle[Pacific Fishing Fleet moored in Trinidad Harbor looking southeast / RK]
21YesBoyle[Patrick's Point School / RK]
22YesBoyle[Patrick's Point School showing new doors on left / RK]
23YesBoyle[Logging Arch / RK]
24YesBoyle[Entrance to logging museum building / RK]
25YesBoyle[Bill Boyle posing next to rigging pulleys (blocks) / RK]
26YesBoyle[Bill Boyle posing next to a shingle machine / RK]
27YesBoyle[Men demonstrating operation of Dolbeer Steam Donkey / RK]
28YesBoyle[Full view of a Dolbeer Steam Donkey / RK]
29YesBoyle[Bark peeling demonstration / RK]
30YesBoyle[Drag saw on display / RK]
31YesBoyle[Man demonstrating use of drag saw / RK]
32YesBoyle[Man continuing drag saw demonstration / RK]
33YesBoyle[Washington slack-line steam donkey / RK]
34YesBoyle[Loading block or moving block. Soft oil - 24 inch / RK]
35YesBoyle[Fall or moving block - 14 inch, soft oil / RK]

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