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1YesBoyle[Close up of town of Trinidad showing Holy Trinity Church and Boyle house (white two story home in center-left of photo) / RK]
2YesBoyle[Trinidad Bay looking east toward Luffenholtz with pier and Little Head in foreground. / RK]
3YesBoyle[Man standing on Trinidad Head looking east over bay / RK]
4YesBoyle[Junction of Trinity St. and Edwards St. as seen from Trinidad Head / RK]
5YesBoyle[Homes on Edwards St. above Old Home Beach / RK]
6YesBoyle[Houses at top of Edwards St. overlooking Trinidad Bay above Old Home (Indian) Beach / RK]
7YesBoyle[Near bottom of Edwards St. looking north; Azalea way to the west and Ewing St. above Edwards / RK]
8YesBoyle[Golinda St. running north-south between Edwards St. and Van Wycke St.; Hallmark house at bottom of photo as well as roof of Seascape restaurant. / RK]
9YesBoyle[View from Trinidad Head toward College Cove, with Pewtole Rock on left and Trinidad State Beach on right / RK]
10YesBoyle[Town view of Trinidad and Little Head from Trinidad Head / RK]
11YesBoyle[HSU Marine Lab and homes in southwest Trinidad showing bottom of Edwards St., taken from Trinidad Head / RK]
12YesBoyle[Corner of Edwards St. and Ewing St. at center of photo; HSU Marine lab near center of photo and Golinda St. running south from Lab. / RK]
13YesBoyle[Close up of homes in southwest Trinidad; Edwards and Van Wycke streets running east-west / RK]
14YesBoyle[View of Azalea Way looking northeast with HSU Marine Lab in upper portion of photo / RK]

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