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1YesBoyleSchool children at Crannell School about 1930
2YesBoyleAnother school photograph, Crannell School - class
3YesBoyleAnother school photograph, Crannel School - class
4YesBoyleAnother school photograph, Crannell School - class
5YesBoyleCrannell baseball team, Mid-county, 1930 or 1938
6YesBoyleCrannell School Orchestra Musicians
7YesBoyleThree people by building, Crannell Cookhouse
8YesBoyleLittle River School Orchestra
9YesBoyleAnother Little River School Orchestra
10YesBoyleOrchestra of Crannell School
11YesBoyleOrchestra - School - Crannell
12YesBoyleSchool Orchestra, Crannell
13YesBoyleSchool Orchestra - Crannell
14YesBoyleSchool orchestra - Crannell
15YesBoylePrimary class of 1936, Crannell School, 1st and 2nd grades.
16YesBoyle3rd and 4th grade class at Crannell
17YesBoyleOlder students at Crannell
18YesBoyleCrannell School Pictures
19YesBoyleSchool pictures of Crannell
20YesBoyleCrannell School class pictures
21YesBoyleCrannell School Class Picture
22YesBoyleLittle River School
23YesBoyleClass on steps, Crannell
24YesBoyleClass on steps, Crannell

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