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1YesBoyleLooking down on Trinidad Bay showing "Spanish ship" among fishing boats.
2YesBoyleClose up (telephoto) of ["Spanish style"] boat
3YesBoyleSpanish ship moving toward shore
4YesBoyleGroup of singers, podium and people on beach
5YesBoyleIndian children waiting for Spaniards to come in to shore
6YesBoyleView of crowd and Spaniards after they had landed
7YesBoyleSimilar view [of crowd and Spaniards after they had landed] with different activity with boats and ships
8YesBoyleCrowd on beach
9YesBoyle[Trinity Street looking northwest: Dave Zebo home on left, Flying Bridge Café center / RK]
10YesBoyleLooking west on Edwards St. near Trinity St.
11YesBoyle[Looking west from top of Edwards St. / RK]
12YesBoyleLooking south from the cemetery
13YesBoyleTrinity St., Presbyterian church and school
14YesBoyle[Trinidad dock and fishing boats, looking south / RK]
15YesBoyle[Overview of town of Trinidad looking northeast with Memorial Lighthouse center / RK]
16YesBoyle[Overview of Trinidad looking north showing renovated Catholic church, center / RK]
17YesBoyle[Tsurai historical marker on corner of Edwards St. and Wagner St., looking east. / RK]
18YesBoyle[500 Block of Edwards St. looking west / RK]
19YesBoyle[Trinidad and Trinidad Bay from Head / RK]
20YesBoyle[Trinidad and Trinidad Bay from Head / RK]
21YesBoyle[Trinidad dock and Little Head, looking southeast. / RK]
22YesBoyle[Looking down Golinda St. to Van Wycke St. from Edwards St. with smokehouse on right. / RK]
23YesBoyle[Looking south on Patrick's Point Drive towards Main St., 101 freeway on left. / RK]
24YesBoyle[Holy Trinity Catholic Church, renovated / RK]
25YesBoyle[Fishing boats and Prisoner Rock in Trinidad Bay, looking south / RK]
26YesBoyle[Closeup of Prisoner Rock and fishing boats in Trinidad Bay, looking south / RK]
27YesBoyle[Looking southeast toward Houda Point from Trinidad / RK]
28YesBoyle[Trinidad State Beach to College Cove from Trinidad Head / RK]
29YesBoyle[Town of Trinidad showing bottom of Edwards St. from Trinidad Head / RK]
30YesBoyle[Town of Trinidad and Trinidad Bay from Trinidad Head / RK]
31YesBoyle[Top of Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, taken from corner of Trinity and Edwards St. / RK]

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