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1YesBoyleOpen basket with snakes nose pattern with bear grass.
2YesBoyleBasket hat with foot pattern design.
3YesBoyleSmall storage basket with double design around center, geometric square type.
4YesBoyleCooking basket with reinforced pattern around center featuring triangular pattern.
5YesBoyleStirring paddle, a man's serving bowl and spoon for acorn soup.
6YesBoyleTobacco storage basket and pipe
7YesBoyleOpen work serving tray
8YesBoyleServing tray with hands for scale
9YesBoyleStone pestle for grinding acorns
10YesBoyleSeries of three tobacco baskets to show designs
11YesBoyleCooking basket showing design and reinforced weave around center
12YesBoyleView of part of basket collection
13YesBoyleTwo large and one medium open work storage baskets
14YesBoyleModern openwork basket and repeat of 7215BYK6.15 baskets
15YesBoyleA coil basket with sturdy handle and a burden basket with strap for head
16YesBoyleTwo modern twined openwork baskets with ceremonial headgear and a quiver
17YesBoyleLadies' garments including skirt, necklaces, hairpiece and wrap.
18YesBoyleNumerous necklaces displayed with skirt, collars, etc.
19YesBoyleClose-up of deerskin skirt, several necklaces and a beaded collar
20YesBoyleArrangement of necklaces, hairpieces, fuir hair wrap and ceremonial items.
21YesBoyleCeremonial deerskin skirt, apron, necklaces and collar
22YesBoyleWide collar of money beads, bugle beads and dimes.
23YesBoyleLisa Sundberg modeling Tolowa maiden ceremonial dress
24YesBoyleLisa Sundberg modeling Tolowa maiden ceremonial dress.
25YesBoyleLisa Sundberg modeling Tolowa maiden ceremonial dress.
26YesBoyleNumerous items, necklaces, sinew-backed bow, other tribes, paddle, dolls.
27YesBoyleNumerous open work baskets and other items, including hats.
28YesBoyleNumerous open work baskets and other items, including hats.
29YesBoyleOpen work basket, partial view small canoe [top right], pouch, plate baskets.
30YesBoyleModern style open work plate baskets, larger storage and cooking "pots" baskets
31YesBoyleNumerous basket hats
32YesBoyleVariety of basket - old and new
33YesBoyleSix basket hats, also a large cooking pot.
34YesBoyleOpen weave flat plate type, round and oval.
35YesBoyleNumerous bowl designs, traditional baskets
36YesBoyleIndian fly swatter and several well made baskets
37YesBoyleBark skirt, abalone necklace, and baskets
38YesBoyleMoss (for dye) with photo and bottom view of open work carrying basket.
39YesBoyleBaskets, including baby, berry gathering basket, storage and plate
40YesBoylePlate basket, basket hat and beads, feathers, bowl baskets.
41YesBoyleCarry basket with handle, open work basket
42YesBoyleVery small baby basket, openwork carry and plate baskets
43YesBoyleView of bottom of bark skirt and some modern openwork baskets, high handle and plate baskets
44YesBoyleSmall baby basket with open work baskets around it.
45YesBoyleTwo shelves of baskets
46YesBoyleCloser view of baby basket and miniature basket
47YesBoyleMiniature boats, pictures, paddles and various baskets.
48YesBoyleThree miniature canoes, basket hat, modern plate baskets, baby baskets
49YesBoyleSeveral baskets not local - some coiled. Dolls, part of bow.

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