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1YesBoyleHat basket construction
2YesBoyleIndian ladies' hats showing a maiden's, a wife's, and a widow's.
3YesBoyleA sinew backed bow with an arrow.
4YesBoyleA seed gathering basket was tightly constructed
5YesBoyleA jump basket is used in a ceremonial dance
6YesBoyleBone wedges were strong useful tools.
7YesBoyleAn Indian drum with a beater or drum stick.
8YesBoyleDrum, beater and gambling sticks used in a guessing game.
9YesBoyleFrontal view of a baby basket
10YesBoyleSide angle view of baby basket.
11YesBoyleLarge open work basket
12YesBoyleThree necklaces made of seeds and shells
13YesBoyleSeries of three closeups of hairpiece featuring native materials, including dewclaw of a deer
14YesBoyleSeries of three closeups of hairpiece featuring native materials including dewclaw of a deer.
15YesBoyleSeries of three closeups of hairpiece featuring native materials including dewclaw of deer
16YesBoyleOverview of most of Spinas collection, numerous large and small items of Indian artifacts.
17YesBoyleSpinas collection partial view including flower stick, doll baby basket, drum, clothing, serving baskets, hats and other items
18YesBoyleCenter view Spinas collection including baby basket, grinding basket, large storage baskets, hats and other items.
19YesBoyleRight side view of Spinas collection including maiden's hat and dress, storage baskets, pestle, hats and other items.
20YesBoyleNine white man designs of basket items.
21YesBoyleMaiden hat, dress and flower stick
22YesBoyleLarge open weave serving plate with decorative trims
23YesBoyleCloseup of open weave plate design
24YesBoyleCloseup of open weave plate design
25YesBoyleTwo miniature baby baskets with dolls
26YesBoyleCloseup of each baby basket for detail work
27YesBoyleCloseups of each baby basket for detail work
28YesBoyleTule reed mattress or bed woven and grass filled
29YesBoyleCloseup showing detail of construction of woven bed
30YesBoyleCloseup showing detail of construction of woven bed
31YesBoyleCloseup showing detail of construction of woven bed.
32YesBoyleDainty wild cat teeth and cut shell necklace
33YesBoyleSimilar view as 7212BYK3.25 of tule mattress bed.
34YesBoyleSimilar view as 7212BYK3.25 of tule reed mattress bed.
35YesBoyleBasket and stone tools used to prepare acorn soup.
36YesBoyleServing tray or sifter, cooking basket, individual bowl and male and female spoons.
37YesBoyleCooking and serving baskets and spoons.
38YesBoyleSmoked salmon served on ferns in openwork serving platter
39YesBoyleMiniature eel basket shows method of preventing eels leaving after entry.
40YesBoyleFramed exhibit of picture of Douglas iris and real leaves of plant and use of tools with it.
41YesBoyleCloseup excerpt of 7213BYK4.37: Sewing in leather with bone needle and deer sinew
42YesBoyleAwl made of bone used to punch holes in leather to sew.
43YesBoyleSample of deer sinew and iris threads.
44YesBoyleShell used to cut iris leaves to make thread
45YesBoyleMen's legs were used to roll fibers. Nets were made of this material.

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