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1YesBoyleSome rigging on tree partway up tree with climber
2YesBoyleSlacker in Hammond woods
3YesBoyleClimber, George Lennon, ready to top a tree to use as a spar
4YesBoyleHayrack boom and "loading pot" for railroad loading logs on landing
5YesBoyleFour men by slacker in Hammond Woods
6YesBoyleLeonard Wartz on early logging truck
7YesBoyleTopping redwood tree in Hammond woods
8YesBoyleGeorge Lennon on top of tree after topping
9YesBoyleGeorge Lennon attaching rigging to spar
10YesBoyleTruck logging before World War II using a hayrack boom to unload the trailer.
11YesBoyleBig slacker, Hammond woods.
12YesBoylePre-World War II tractor in woods.
13YesBoyleSpreader Bar set up June 1949, Lennon Logging Co., Bear River
14YesBoyleLog deck and cat logging, Lennon Logging Co.
15YesBoyleBulldozer bringing in log to landing.
16YesBoyleHighclimber working on rigging on spar tree
17YesBoyleCrew of Hammond loggers with hayrack boom in background.
18YesBoyleMan, Leonard Wartz, atop 3 log load of logging truck
19YesBoyleSlider setting showing skyline, main line, haul back and chocker setting.
20YesBoyleFive loggers posed by diesel powered equipment
21YesBoyleThree men by Slacker in Hammond woods.
22YesBoyleGeorge Lennon on railroad flatcar log load.
23YesBoyleWoods crew by equipment

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