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1YesBoyleCaptain John, a Hupa, from Hoopa
2YesBoyleTraditional ceremonial dress including leather skirt, basket hat and bound hair decorations with necklaces.
3YesBoyleMary Major of Hoopa with a burden basket of wood
4YesBoyleIndian men in White Deerskin ceremonial dress
5YesBoyleVery old Indian woman, either Mrs. Childs of Trinidad or Scarup of Trinidad
6YesBoyleSide view of woman with burden basket of wood.
7YesBoyleJosie Campbell of Hoopa
8YesBoyleIndian sweat house near Orick
9YesBoyleOld Indian house in "Goosepin," burned out redwood tree.
10YesBoyleIndian woman in maple bark dress wearing traditional basket hat and money necklace.
11YesBoyleIndian man and child posed in non-traditional dress.
12YesBoyleMan in ceremonial sea-lion or walrus head-dress, money beads and two large ceremonial knives in hands.
13YesBoyleHeads of humpback and finback whales at Field's Landing, late 1940s era
14YesBoyleWeitchpec Post Office
15YesBoyleOrleans pack train
16YesBoyleRequa ferry on the Klamath River
17YesBoyleAbbie Ehreiser's home
18YesBoyleTrinidad Pete's home and view of Trinidad Head
19YesBoylePete Peters, Denny Shaffer and 2 youths
20YesBoyleDenny Shaffer, Lena Taylor and Minnie Shaffer
21YesBoyleKitty Jackson and Eliza Lindgren
22YesBoyleTrinidad Pete and Dora James on beach with surf fish and basket.
23YesBoyleWillie Childs and "Humpback" Jim James.
24YesBoyleGroup of Trinidad area people on beach including Indians and non-Indians
25YesBoyleModern example or demonstration of Jump Dance and audience
26YesBoyleRobert Spott wearing woodpecker headdress and money beads.
27YesBoyleIndian family house at Requa.
28YesBoyleThree examples of women's Indian basket hats
29YesBoyleView of Trinidad from cemetery
30YesBoyleTrinidad viewed from Trinidad Head before 1914
31YesBoyleRemains of old brick store before 1920.
32YesBoyleTrinidad Catholic Church, built 1872, in disrepair
33YesBoyleCatholic Church Trinidad, built 1872, another view, in disrepair.
34YesBoyleConstruction of whaling station framing view.
35YesBoyleLogging, Hammond Camp 10
36YesBoyleOxen on a skid road near Trinidad
37YesBoyleLighthouse at Trinidad with Capt. Harrington, the lighthouse keeper, on top.
38YesBoyleAerial view of Tsurai Village Site and Trinidad
39YesBoyleRobert Spott in unusual headdress with money necklace.
40YesBoyleAlice Spott by a lagoon with one upraised arm.
41YesBoyleMiss Kruger, Hoopa, in ceremonial dress.
42YesBoyleWa-Cat in widow's cap and Ma Hack with scarf roll on head.
43YesBoyleCapt. John in front of a sweat house.
44YesBoyleScar Up, Trinidad
45YesBoyle[Man] wearing partial walrus headdress and holding another showing back, a ceremonial knife, money and other beads and a hide on lower body.
46YesBoyleNon-local native nursing two toddlers.
47YesBoyleEight men and two boys in Jump Dance (Brush)
48YesBoyleIndian man spear fishing, probably on Klamath River
49YesBoyleSally Tom from Mad River by building on beach with openwork baskets and basket materials
50YesBoyleSusie's sister and Susie Little with child in baby basket, Hoopa

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