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1YesBoyleLarge log in wire rope sling lifted by shovel loader
2YesBoyleLarge log loaded on off-highway truck #T32
3YesBoyleWire rope sling loosened from one end of large log on truck by shovel loader
4YesBoyleTie-down chains being attached to load before leaving landing for re-load
5YesBoyleShovel loader with log too large for tongs in wire rope sling.
6YesBoyleOff-highway large truck with large logs
7YesBoyleLogged area, Georgia Pacific woods.
8YesBoyleArea prepared for landing with rock
9YesBoyleArch and log and tractor near landing
10YesBoyle"Camp robber," a jay-bird nearby for food scraps at landing in woods.
11YesBoyleCat tractor and arch bring log to shovel at landing
12YesBoyle"Crummy" or bus on truck bed, ready to return from woods with men aboard.
13YesBoyleWashington tower and yarder in Georgia Pacific woods.
14YesBoyleWashington tower and yarder in Georgia Pacific woods.
15YesBoyleWashington tower and yarder in Georgia Pacific woods.
16YesBoyleWashington tower and yarder in Georgia Pacific woods.
17YesBoyleSteep hillside of area logged where tower yarder is bringing in logs
18YesBoyleMain line, wire rope, from yarder fastened in woods area where logs brought in.
19YesBoyleCloser view of Washington tower-yarder with another log in.
20YesBoyleFront end loader working logs into landing by the tower-yarder
21YesBoyleTwo logs in air as man by machine is ready to loosen lines
22YesBoyleLogs still attached to lines on ground as front end loader ready to move them to stack on truck
23YesBoyleClose view of some drum housing of the tower yarder
24YesBoyleTop of the tower showing guy lines around top with working lines below.
25YesBoyleCab and main line drums of Tower - Yarder
26YesBoyleClose-up of yarder part of the tower-yarder
27YesBoyleLogged area where logs are attached to wire rope and lifted to landing by yarder
28YesBoyleGauges to watch in the tower-yarder
29YesBoyleDrums of wire rope used by yarder
30YesBoyleControl panel in cab of tower yarder
31YesBoyleYarder operator checking equipment before going home for the day

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