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1YesBoylePortrait of a lady (unknown)
2YesBoyleYard of Lighthouse Residence with Lighthouse in background
3YesBoyleView of Trinidad from Head
4YesBoyleBoys on cistern of residence at Trinidad Lighthouse
5YesBoyleTrinidad Lighthouse (view from below showing cliff)
6YesBoyleTrinidad Market, built 1928, on old highway, M.E. Saunders
7YesBoyleUnknown overview of houses along roadway
8YesBoyleTom Hancorne and James Underwood in very tall cornfield.
9YesBoyleUnknown Indian lady in a Northwestern CA tribe ceremonial dress
10YesBoyleMan by auto (early) with deer carcass.
11YesBoylePeople posed on or near some early automobiles
12YesBoyleEnd of track - Trinidad railroad turntable and shelter for engine
13YesBoyleHighway view, main businesses, Trinidad
14YesBoyleTrinidad harbor showing ships and boats in bay near whaling slip and dock.
15YesBoyleLogging near Trinidad with animals
16YesBoyleFelling trees by muscle power.
17YesBoyleLoggers posed by large felled tree in Trinidad area with hand tools.
18YesBoyleTrinidad school children posed in front of old school, ca. 1913
19YesBoyleUnderwood Blacksmith Shop with wagons in front
20YesBoylePen and ink drawing of Shirley Hannah and Trinidad
21YesBoyleOccidental Hotel and Old Brick Store with people by hitching rail
22YesBoyleOccidental Hotel and old brick store with people by hitching rail.
23YesBoyleRemains of Hooper Mill with people in foreground.
24YesBoyleTrinidad "Little Head" with people posed on a rock.
25YesBoyleTrinidad residence on sandy area in front of Little Head before sand removed years later.
26YesBoyleMen inside McConnaha Garage on Main Street
27YesBoyleTrinidad Elementary School ca 1935, teacher Dorothy Williams
28YesBoyleTwo fishermen, George Pinkham and Warren Watkins with catch.
29YesBoyleLarge tree with youth and axes in undercut and two men standing beside tree for size comparison.
30YesBoyleInterior of Underwood General Merchandise Store, Sept. 1912.
31YesBoyleInside "Sandy" Sangster's Tobacco Shop, before 1900.
32YesBoyleDistant view of Trinidad Head and Bay
33YesBoyleHouda's Landing with Trinidad Head and Bay in background
34YesBoyleNew 1914 Trinidad School with students by building
35YesBoyleOverview of Trinidad from Trinidad Head
36YesBoyleInside Good Templar Hall - a patriotic program
37YesBoyleWreck of Milwaukee, ca 1917, north of jetty, Humboldt Bay
38YesBoyleLooking west on Edwards St. near Webster and Chaffey Store by Trinity St.
39YesBoyleLooking north up Trinity Street at numerous early automobiles by Ocean View Hotel.
40YesBoyleTrinidad Railroad Station with Potato Rock in background
41YesBoyleAn early citizen descendant, Martha Underwood, born 1872
42YesBoyleChimney from Occidental Hotel after fire
43YesBoyleTrinidad Elementary School located by cemetery with children playing
44YesBoyleTrinidad Harbor, 1920 era, passenger ship, whaling slip and dock with people on it.
45YesBoyleTrinidad residence with 2 people on porch
46YesBoyleUnderwood Store facing Trinity at corner of Edwards St. on west side.
47YesBoyleOccidental Hotel with people under shelter in front.
48YesBoyleEarly Golinda St. near Van Wycke
49YesBoylePicnicking near old Mill Creek mill site, May 18, 1891
50YesBoyleMilwaukee aground, Humboldt Bay

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