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1YesBoyleOverview: Moonstone Beach from Little River
2YesBoyleOverview: Moonstone Beach from Little River
3YesBoyleLooking northeast: Moonstone Beach from mouth of Little River to residences on hillside
4YesBoyleMoonstone Beach looking northwest toward Camel Rock
5YesBoyleSam Merryman's beachhouse and bluff.
6YesBoyleLooking northeast across Little River near the bridge to pastures and 2nd growth timber
7YesBoyleI.D. for [7003BYK2].22, .23, .24 Little River Bridge
8YesBoyleLooking northeast up Little River to pastures and timber and river in flood.
9YesBoyleLittle River and Valley, upstream from bridge
10YesBoyleLittle River Bridge with river almost at flood stage
11YesBoyleLittle River Bridge with river almost at flood stage
12YesBoyleLittle River Bridge with river almost at flood stage
13YesBoyleCrannell Road near the beach where former logging railroad trestle crossed north.
14YesBoyleCrannell from south side of river showing gate keeper's shelter, old mill building and regrowth of trees on hillside cut between 1906-1920
15YesBoyleFormer street on south side of river with north side in distance (Crannell).
16YesBoyleUpper valley, south side of river in Crannell
17YesBoyleConcrete kiln building of former mill in Crannell seen through alders in winter
18YesBoyleLast of the old mill buildings in Crannell
19YesBoyleIn 1970 the M Line Road was used to bring out second growth logs through Crannell
20YesBoyleSixty-five years comparative picture of Bullwinkel Homestead site that became Crannell
21YesBoyleOld 1914 auto license found in Crannell
22YesBoyleRegrowth of timber east of Crannell
23YesBoyleRemains of office building of Little River Redwood Company
24YesBoyleSite of former cookhouse in Crannell
25YesBoyleGatekeeper's trailer only resident of Crannell in 1970
26YesBoyleDucks have found a haven in the river of the abandoned Crannell
27YesBoyleI.D. Location Sign: Crannell - Dows Prarie
28YesBoyleView of Little River Valley from Dows Prairie Rd. with ranches and timber
29YesBoyleConcrete block near trees on hillside all left of company office and store.
30YesBoyleLooking northwest to bridge over Little River in Crannell
31YesBoyleCompare with earlier like picture to see regrowth of redwood in Crannell
32YesBoyleConcrete building of old mill seen through alders in winter, Crannell

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