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1YesBoylePacific Fishing Fleet at refuge in Trinidad Bay.
2YesBoyleNative natural materials for basket making
3YesBoylePartially completed small basket
4YesBoyleUnfinished basket of Northwestern California
5YesBoyleBasket materials display with labels.
6YesBoyleTwo Indian girls in Indian dresses with artifacts exhibit, Humboldt County Fair, 1969
7YesBoyleFour similar views of elk herd in distance.
8YesBoyleThree mid-distance views of elk herd
9YesBoyleBulls on guard, elk herd
10YesBoyleAn unknown photographer trying to get a closer picture of elk herd at Gold Bluff Beach.
11YesBoyleElk herd alerted and on guard
12YesBoyleOld mill building in Crannell used by town maintenance crew located on south side of river.
13YesBoyleRemains of dry kiln in Crannell with man and pickup
14YesBoyleRemaining home on south side of river in Crannell
15YesBoyleGate guard in Crannell for M Line Rd. into upriver woods.
16YesBoyleSite of former Crannell home after remnants have been burned
17YesBoyleView up hill past remains of store in Crannell to occupied residences.
18YesBoyleView down hill from former cookhouse site showing old mill office used as post office
19YesBoyleSite of former Crannell cookhouse looking south toward old mill site across river.
20YesBoyleFire truck garage of Crannell
21YesBoyleEucalyptus Heights houses opposite site of old school in Crannell.
22YesBoyleView of occupied homes, Eucalyptus Heights, Crannell
23YesBoylePartially demolished house in Crannell
24YesBoyleAnother view of homes, Eucalyptus Heights, Crannell
25YesBoyleOccupied and unoccupied houses in Crannell
26YesBoyleLower street of Hillside Terrace, Crannell, almost all demolished.
27YesBoylePartially demolished houses on Hillside Terrace, Crannell
28YesBoyleSoutheastern view downhill to river, Hillside Terrace former home sites, Crannell
29YesBoyleFormer houses in Crannell had some salvage done prior to demolition
30YesBoyleHillside Terrace former home in Crannell of Bill and Katie Boyle from 1947 to 1958.
31YesBoyleNote regrowth of forest in Crannell beyond demolished houses.
32YesBoyleThe gravel road of Crannell soon supported alders and some streets were soon gone.
33YesBoyle1969 view of Trinidad Post Office, dedicated 1968.
34YesBoyleSaunder's Market, Trinidad
35YesBoyleTrinidad Garage and Service Station
36YesBoyleShells, Gifts, Pottery and Antiques
37YesBoyleOldest (or one of the) houses in town and Lowes Hamburger Stand
38YesBoyleHighway fill used on corner by school.
39YesBoyleTrinidad Elemntary School, View I.
40YesBoyleTrinidad Elementary School, View II
41YesBoyleTrinidad changing landscape for freeway
42YesBoyleTrinidad Bay View
43YesBoyleSport fishing boats in Trinidad Bay
44YesBoyleTrinidad Bay Smoke House on Golinda St.
45YesBoyleTrinidad Bay wharf and restaurant
46YesBoyleHumboldt State University Telonicker Marine Laboratory, Trinidad
47YesBoyleKaty's Smoke House, Edwards St., Trinidad
48YesBoyleOld house on Edwards Street, Trinidad, built before 1880
49YesBoyleCrowd shot of people waiting for Airforce I to arrive for Redwood National Park dedication, August 1969.
50YesBoyleCrowd shot of people waiting for Airforce I to arrive for Redwood National Park dedication, August 1969.

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