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1YesBoyleRailcar load at Crannell reload.
2YesBoyleHarry Rogers (left) reloaded the truck trailer for the trip back to the woods.
3YesBoyleOff-highway trucks carried three railway car loads. Loaded truck is approaching the reload on the main private highway.
4YesBoyleBack end of large load of off-highway truck.
5YesBoyleOverview of reload at Crannell
6YesBoyleView of a house and group of garages in Crannell
7YesBoyleView of a front porch and wooden sidewalks in Crannell
8YesBoyleUnloading a truck at Crannell reload.
9YesBoylePedestrian bridge, formerly used by employees of the Little River Mill.
10YesBoyleResidence in Crannell with stump supported deck
11YesBoyleTrain in Crannell used for loggers transportation to the job in the woods.
12YesBoylePart of a "rig up" crew at a landing in the Hammond Woods
13YesBoyleEarly view of Memorial Lighthouse and Trinidad Bay and Head.
14YesBoyleTrinidad looking south on Old Redwood Highway
15YesBoyleTrinidad Memorial Lighthouse, est. June 6, 1949
16YesBoyleMonument on Trinidad Head
17YesBoyleTrinidad Market
18YesBoyleSchoolchildren building tule Indian hut in classroom at Trinidad
19YesBoylePart of a diesel shovel landing crew
20YesBoyleLoaded off-highway truck and driver.
21YesBoyleTwo men with peeling bars on a large redwood log.
22YesBoyleStanding large redwood trees with car as a size contrast
23YesBoyleRedwood tree and feller with Humboldt Cut in tree
24YesBoyleTwo men on stump of cut tree showing diameter of base of tree
25YesBoyleFellers with Humboldt Cut with axes (in redwood tree)
26YesBoyleTwo fellers on stump with double bitted axes and two man saw with 12 ft or more blade
27YesBoylePeelers using bars to peel redwood log
28YesBoyleThree men on stump with tree down. Screwjack shown in front of stump.
29YesBoyle"Bucking" a log - Sawing to lengths
30YesBoyleStand of Redwood timber with man and woman in right foreground
31YesBoyleStanding trees and cut timber, fir and redwood.
32YesBoyleThree people by very large downed timber (redwood)
33YesBoyleMan standing by cut timber with uncut and cut timber in background.
34YesBoyleThree people by large redwood windfall.
35YesBoyleBucking a large peeled redwood with a two man hand saw.
36YesBoyleDumping logs in the pond at Crannell
37YesBoyleOverview of Little River Redwood Co. Mill at Crannell
38YesBoyleTrinidad Union Elementary School choir, choir director Ruby Raybourn and music teacher and band leader Jerrold Moore
39YesBoyleAir view of Trinidad
40YesBoyleTrinidad Union Elementary School as it appeared when first built

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