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1YesBoyleTwo choppers using two man hand saw on fir.
2YesBoyleChopper by quarter section of log with heavy sledge and axe.
3YesBoyleVerne Thornton and [man] taking a sighting to determine where to fall the tree
4YesBoyleTree falling after cut.
5YesBoyleVerne Thornton, feller, on tree showing staging and axe
6YesBoyleRedwood with drag saw and wedges in place
7YesBoyleVerne Thornton, feller, on tree showing staging, axe, and other equpiment.
8YesBoyleRedwood tree showing undercut, dragsaw, wedges staging in place
9YesBoyleFeller with equipment showing undercut.
10YesBoyleTree with undercut showing
11YesBoyleDoing the undercut
12YesBoyleTwo fellers by large tree with equipment
13YesBoyleFeller on staging showing beginning of cut

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