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1YesBoyleConstruction of overpass of new rail line to Samoa down Little River Valley to the beach, up the beach to McKinleyville and Samoa.
2YesBoyleRailroad trestle and bridge over Little River at Bulwinkle.
3YesBoyleBulwinkle Mill before 1920.
4YesBoyleBulwinkle, looking north from south of town.
5YesBoyleEarly logging train on Bulwinkle trestle entering town receiving oil (?) from below.
6YesBoyleSide spool Donkey closeup by logging train engine.
8YesBoyleMill pond and 2 stack mill at Bulwinkle.
9YesBoyleBulwinkle (Crannell) road in Little River Valley about 1/2 mi. from the beach by Peter's (Kristie's) Ranch.
10YesBoyleShay locomotive #33 near Freeman Creek covered bridge
11YesBoyleFirst train across the new beach route from Crannell to Samoa
12YesBoyleSouthwestern end of lower lumber yard at Crannell.
13YesBoyleCloseup of 2 Shay locomotives.
14YesBoyleUpper and middle lumber storage yards at Bulwinkle
15YesBoyle1914 Model T Ford and Ed Cole
16YesBoyleFive locomotives and crews of Hammond Lumber Co. at Crannell
17YesBoyleBulwinkle 1914 looking north across Little River to home and office of Little River Redwood Co.
18YesBoyleLogging train at mill pond below Goat Rock in Bulwinkle.
19YesBoyleShay locomotive, a loaded logging train, in 1914, at Bulwinkle pond.
20YesBoyleTrestle over Balke Creek from the top.
21YesBoyleMill conveyor, burner and dam spillway in Bulwinkle at Little River Redwood Co. mill on Little River
22YesBoyleMill dam gates and spillway
23YesBoyleFish ladder and dam spillway
24YesBoyleLocomotive at roundhouse with man on top of locomotive
25YesBoyleRod engine #8 at roundhouse with man on tender
26YesBoyleNumber 33 locomotive with 5 men.
27YesBoyleCloseup of No. 8 Rod Engine with [man] in cab and [man] behind.
28YesBoyle[Shay Locomotive #31 with crew / RK]
29YesBoyleNo. 32 Shay taking on water, loaded logs visible.
30YesBoyleNumber 32 Shay with Hammond Employees.
31YesBoyleNo. 32 Shay parked by Camp 20 (Hammond town in woods northeast of Crannell) water tower.
32YesBoyleBig Lagoon Bridge when 2 lane highway with virgin timber of Hammond Lumber Co. in background.
33YesBoyleKen Cole garden at Camp 20
34YesBoyleKen Cole in his garden at Camp 20
35YesBoyleMrs. Ken Cole and son at home in Camp 20
36YesBoyleKen Cole (Rt.) and friend on a "speeder."
37YesBoyleKen Cole in his garden at Camp 20.
38YesBoyleKen Cole at throttle
39YesBoyleGoing for a walk at Camp 20.
40YesBoyleLong distance landscape
41YesBoyleHammond woods view showing logged area.
42YesBoyleStanding and cut timber.
43YesBoyleEarly catapillar tractor "Cat 60" gas engine being unloaded from railcar.
44YesBoyleEmbankment for off loading "Cat" from train.
45YesBoyleCloseup of catapillar tractor coming down slope
46YesBoyleLocomotive with part of a building on flatbed at new campsite
47YesBoyleSteam shovel with crane unloading house parts from flat cars behind locomotive No. 3 at new logging camp (a temporary town) site.
48YesBoyleCompleted camp with cookhouse and men's cabins at new site
49YesBoyleScene of partially completed logging camp, with 7 half-cabins on a siding and locomotive with others on a track near the steam shovel
50YesBoyleCrane moving houses (cabins) at new camp

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