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1YesEricson[Railroad tracks along Eel River]
2YesEricson[Stump House]
3YesEricson[Two store buildings at the edge of a forest]
4YesEricson[Eel River south of Scotia Bluffs]
5YesEricson[Scene at Scotia/unknown]
6YesEricson[Eel River near Scotia Bluffs with two towers in riverbed]
7YesEricson[Lookout tower and building overlooking the ocean]
8YesEricson[Delia Albert, Lake Earl Indian/unknown]
9YesEricsonScene In The Redwoods [Group of men, women, children, posing at a large redwood stump]
10YesEricson[Small wood products factory, possibly a crate factory]
11YesEricson[Fence along a river, snow on mountains in the distance]
12YesEricson[Church on corner of H St. and possibly Third St.]
13YesEricson[Bank of Arcata]
14YesEricsonScene at Monterey, California
15YesEricson[Large three story building with another one in background]
16YesEricsonHigh School, Eureka Cal
17YesEricson[Arcata, looking south from Founders Hall]
18YesEricson[People in car on palm lined driveway]
19YesEricsonSequoia Hospital, Eureka Cal.
20YesEricson[Large groups of people on the beach at the edge of town]
21YesEricson[Looking south-east from hill at 13th and G Streets]
22YesEricson[Scandia Hotel and Sailors Union]
23YesEricsonA glimpse of the Ocean, California [Small island just offshore]
24YesEricson[Sutro Baths/unknown]
25YesEricson[Two children and one woman in front of Stanford Family mausoleum at Stanford University]
26YesEricson[View of Fort Gaston buildings and grounds]
27YesEricson[Water runoff in a logged over site]
28YesEricson[Elderly man standing in front of a traditional house]
29YesEricson[Rock split with dynamite in quarry]
30YesEricson[Looking north over the Arcata Plaza with cars parked along H St.]
31YesEricson[Stacks of lumber appearing to slant toward each other]
32YesEricson[Mill yard across the bay from Eureka]
33YesEricsonScene at Big Lagoon
34YesEricson[Portrait of an Indian man with ceremonial headdress standing in front of a drape]
35YesEricson[Portrait of an Indian man with ceremonial headdress standing in front of a drape #2]
36YesEricsonScene on the Klamath
37YesEricson[Indian leader, standing on river bank]
38YesEricsonView from Rattlesnake Rock, Orleans
39YesEricson[Wide street next to park with an observation tower]
40YesEricsonIn the Redwoods, Blue Lake
41YesEricsonCoast Scene, Humboldt Co., California
42YesEricsonScene in Humboldt Co., California
43YesEricson[Group of three persons posing with several large brick buildings behind them]
44YesEricson[Bridge over railroad tracks]
45YesEricson[Two children and a woman at the edge of a cactus garden]
46YesEricsonScene at Mad River [Bridge over Mad River]
47YesEricson[Railroad tracks converging under a wood bridge]
48YesEricsonScene at Big Lagoon/Coast Scene, Humboldt Co., California
49YesEricsonIndian "Big Willis" Hoopa, California
50YesEricson[Baseball game at Hoopa]

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