The Ericson Collection
At Home in Humboldt County

Ericson took up photography as a business in 1879, after he had lived in Humboldt County for nine years. His studio was located in Arcata, but his photographic work took him all over Northern California, recording the favorite places and social activities of his day. As a merchant and resident of Arcata he delighted in photographing every day life and the changing landscape.


These images were created by scanning original glass-plate negatives and have not been retouched.

Discolorations or spots are the result of chemical deterioration, black areas indicate broken or missing pieces of the negative.

Digitization makes it possible to retrieve information from negatives that would have been difficult to recover in the past, and allows us to protect the original object.

Festive crowds and decorated cars at the Arcata Plaza on July 4, 1908
Hunting provided both food and recreation for local residents. From left to right, Lee Wiley, Rastus Dickerson, Rease Wiley, Walter Wiley and "Ack" Garcelon.
Arcata Union High School girls in team uniforms.