Local History

This link is the hub to the many different Histories: genealogical, natural, and cultural. The many societies and places for information for both the researcher and the inquisitive historian.


HSU Library Local History Collections Humboldt Room online has many different collections to aid an adventurer in finding the past of the Humboldt regions. It contains historical photographs and papers from the distant and near past.


Native American Studies

If one needs any information about past or current events in the Native American community this is a good place to start. The online researcher will find Native American children's literature, sources on North American Indians in the HSU Library, special topics, Northwestern California Indians and their cultural activities, and much more.


Brief History of Photography

From optical prehistory to digital imaging this site has it all: photography, camera, film and processes.


International Directory of Photography Historians of The History of Photography Group

The History of Photography Group, organized in October 1986, facilitates communication among historians of photography by compiling a directory listing areas of interest and contact information.


American Museum of Photography

History and techniques for restoration and preservation of photographs.


Descartes Pascal Glass Plate Negative Collection

A beautiful example of glass plate photography. Once you explore this site, return to the Iowa State University education site for other interesting links into history.


Edward S. Curtis, Frontier Photographer

Photographs of the American West as it changed from wilderness into the bustling twentith century. The Curtis Site is part of the intricate Smithsonian Museum online museum where one can find just about anything one would be interest in.


Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

The Henry Ford Museum has links to a wide variety of sites about the photographs of many photographers, along with the care and preservation of the historical artifacts that one may have in boxes or albums handed down from grandparents.


Photographic Bibliography

Stanford University has many sites with extensive Photographic bibliographies. Preservation and visual materials will be found here, as well as a link to the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works site for the Caring for Your Photographs:


The Ericson Collection