Don H. Clausen Congressional Papers

Constituent Services

The micrographic series of the collection includes: five boxes of microfiche, a roll of microfilm, and a set of three binders. The time span is the 87th through the 97th Congresses [1962-1982] with the majority of the materials from the 1972-1982 period. They include constituent comments on issues and legislation, Clausen's responses, and his position statements. The subjects range from government sponsored projects and political issues to individuals' requests for Clausen's intervention on their behalf. Some confidential casework documents are found in some sections of the fiche. Access to these sections is restricted. Approval for access to these confidential files will be limited to researchers who thoroughly demonstrate to the Special Collections Librarian that they will protect the privacy of individuals and obtain her/his approval.

During processing in 2002 the microfiche was transferred to acid-free containers, with the original order of the fiche maintained except to establish chronological order in a few locations. The documents were originally grouped under titles commonly used by Congressional office staff, such as "Casework" "Projects", "Academies", and "Personal." These headings were retained as a few groups of fiche were shifted to a chronological order. The fiche containing private or sensitive information (mainly falling under the heading "Casework" or "Academies") were transferred to separate boxes (boxes 4 and 5). There are duplicate copies of fiche for about 40% of the material. Where duplicates were found among the originals, they were separated into their own boxes and maintained in the same order of the originals.

Boxes 1, 2 & 3 of this series reflect the Clausen Office Staff's implementation of one of the earliest types of automated office management systems. Clausen's office staff retained constituent mail and responded to it using an early microprocessor known as the "ROBO" system. Letters generated by the word-processing ROBO machine included Clausen's responses to specific inquiries and replies about national and district concerns. A new set of ROBO reply letters was drafted for each new Congress. A constituent's letter was designated by its topic and given a category number that indicated how the office intended to respond to it. The staff would then generate a response that answered the constituent's original topical query or statement. These responses were also numbered. A list of titles of ROBO letter topics can be found on fiche marked "ROBO Letter Index." The actual responses-"ROBO Letters"-are numbered (for example X17) the same as the index and are found on fiche entitled "ROBO Letters." Researchers can utilize the ROBO File Index, Category List, and fiche containing the numbered "ROBO Letters." These files can be found in Box 2. See the Inventory List and the ROBO Index/Category List for instructions on using this cross-reference system.

The three-ring binders contain a paper index to the "Clausen Correspondence" subseries which is found in Box 3. The index covers a longer period of time than the existing fiche covers. The portion in this collection corresponds only to the entries that do not have a "1" in the "Doc #" column. The binders also contain information on items not on the microfiche indicating that only a portion of this correspondence arrived with the collection at Humboldt State University Library. Even though this paper index will be only partially useful for finding documents in the existing fiche it can still be used as a cross-reference index to find a particular author's letter sent to Clausen in 1982. Once a constituent's name has been chosen, the "Doc" or Document No. located beside it on the index corresponds to the numbers placed on the header of each fiche within the "Clausen Correspondence" group in Box 3. (Please see the Inventory List, Box 3 for an example of how to use this index.)

Donald H. Clausen Congressional Papers
Micrographic Materials 1962-1982

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