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Charles R. Barnum History Awards

The Charles R. Barnum History Awards were established by a grant from Mr. Barnum in the late fall of 1952. Mr. Barnum was a realtor and insurance broker in Eureka. He was a member of the Humboldt State College Advisory Board from March 1946 until his death in February 1953. The purpose of the trust he established is "to aid, assist and encourage worthy students of Humboldt State College in furthering their interest in original historical research of Humboldt County." The first awards from the Barnum Trust were made in 1956. Two copies of each award essay are located in the Humboldt Room (HumCo F 868 H8 B37); each one is fully cataloged by author, title, and subject in the Library catalog. In addition, there is a chronological index of all of them. Selective titles are now available online through Humboldt Digital Scholar.

Charles R. Barnum History Award Information