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Charles R. Barnum History Awards - Index

Established by Charles Barnum, formerly Advisory Board member; first awarded in 1956.

Claudia Wood, 1st prize: History of Pacific Lumber Company
Mary Sue Ray Brown, 2nd prize: Fort Humboldt

Dwight Manning, 1st prize: History of Trinidad
John Marcus, 2nd prize: Racial conflicts in Humboldt County

Kay Escards, 1st prize: Arcata volunteer fire department
Wendy Turner, 2nd prize: Indian disturbances in Humboldt County

Jerry Willis, 1st prize: Founding of Humboldt State College
Vernon Grist, 2nd prize: History of First Baptist Church of Arcata
Mahlon Marshall, 3rd prize: History of Klamath County

Olin Charles Kirkland, 1st prize: An historical study of military operations in Humboldt County, California
Robert Chester Daetweiler, 2nd prize: A history of the Arcata Police Department

Richard William Donley, 1st prize: The expulsion of the Chinese from Humboldt County
Betty Joan Stromland, 2nd prize: The early schools of Humboldt County
Flora R. Sproul, 3rd prize: Early Humboldt County: A brief history of the early Indian tribes, and Humboldt's most disgraceful incident, the massacre of Indian Island

No awards made this year; manuscripts submitted did not measure up to a point where awards could be granted.

Gary E. Thomson, 1st prize: Military operations against the Indians in the Humboldt military districts, 1861-1865
Stuart L. Bernath, 2nd prize: Shipwrecks of the Humboldt Bay region
Michael Berry, 3rd prize: A study of the growth and development of agriculture and fruit growing in Humboldt County, 1850-1900
Larry L. Hines, 4th prize: The image of Lincoln as developed in the Humboldt Times
Flora R. Sproul, 5th prize: Bret Harte in Humboldt County

Charles Leonard Ehlers, 1st prize: The packing trade--from Union to the mines
Larry L. Hines, 2nd prize: The Chinese must go

Georgene Dolezal, 1st prize: Men who came to Humboldt County by sea, 1542 to April 1850
Linda L. Rogers, 2nd prize: A history of the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park area
Stephen Smith, 3rd prize: The history of Gunther Island, 1850-1965

Kenneth Lytle, 1st prize: Early history of the oil industry in Humboldt County
William K. Woodcock, 2nd prize: The growth of Humboldt County schools, 1900 to 1966
Linda L. Rogers, 3rd prize: Klamath County, California, 1851 to 1874

No awards were given in 1967

Richard Bennett, 1st prize ($75): A history of Humboldt State College (Thesis Sentence: Humboldt State College was started as Humboldt Normal School in 1914 and is now one of the highest rated state colleges on the west coast.)
Pamela Renner, 2nd prize ($60): History of Catholic activity in Rohnerville
Karen Krautter, 3rd prize ($40): Commercial fishing in Humboldt Bay

Raymond E. Chips, 1st prize ($100): A history of the automobile dealers in Humboldt County, California
Helen Fletcher Collins, 2nd prize ($50): Prostitution and gambling in Eureka and Humboldt County

Patricia A. Newell, 1st prize ($100): The landing aids experiment station
David Clark, 2nd prize ($50): The history of the Arcata and Mad River Railroad

Dennis O'Reilly, 1st prize ($100): Racial minorities in Humboldt County, 1850- 1971
Andrew J. Malovos, 2nd prize ($75): Marine disasters off the Humboldt County coastline north and south of Humboldt Bay
Gregory Brogdon, 3rd prize ($25): Eureka's Chinese Expulsion

Carol Bess, 1st prize ($100): The whaling industry in northwestern California
Dennis O'Reilly, 2nd prize ($60): The black experience in Humboldt County, 1850- 1972
Frederick Thompson, 3rd prize ($40): Eureka's omnibus on rails

Mark Salyer, 1st prize ($100): An application of the frontier thesis to patterns of settlement and frontier life in Kneeland, 1850-1880
Michael L. Smith, 2nd prize ($50): "Hardly Jackassable": The state of Jefferson and regional secession movements in California
J. Michael Kellogg, 3rd prize ($25): Minority groups in Humboldt County: A history of the treatment of the indians

John Faulkner, 1st prize: The importance of shelter Cove to the growth of southern Humboldt County

Jim L. Anker, 1st prize: The establishment of Humboldt State Normal School
Craig N. Moon, 2nd prize: The west coast experience of Ulysses Simpson Grant
Susan E. McCue, 3rd prize (tie): The history of women's athletics: Humboldt State University
Paul A. Brisso, 3rd prize (tie): A history of the Humboldt State University residence halls: facilities and philosophy

Gail Opsahl, 1st prize: Lo, the poor indian

Jamie Roscoe, 1st prize: The Mattole Valley: Economic survival in a rural community
Peggy Woo, 2nd prize: The problem of the Chinese expulsion from Humboldt County

No prize awarded

Richard Erickson, 1st prize: There were small mills in the hills

No prize awarded

Stephan Seely, 1st prize (tie): A case of noncompliance: The Prohibition Period in Humboldt County, 1919-1933
Mark Daniel Trentman, 1st prize (tie): One dollar a day men: The Civilian Conservation Corps on the North Coast of California, 1933-1942
John J. Amodio, 2nd prize: Save the redwoods, 1919-1925: The Humboldt County Redwood Movement
Todd Lufkin, 3rd prize: Ferndale and the 1964 Christmas flood

No prize awarded

James O'Shea, 1st prize: A history of Patrick's Point and its acquisition into the California State Park system
Emily Lewis, 2nd prize: Emily Jones: A frustrated reformer
Robert L. Graves, 3rd prize: Factors necessitating the U.S. Cavalry creation of Camp Curtis: its troops and maneuvers in and around Arcata, California

Carleen M. Wing, 1st prize: An analysis of the "Humboldt Times" editorial policies toward sectional politics from 1854 to 1861

James Roscoe, 1st prize: An ethnohistory of the Mattole

No prize awarded

Joseph T. Coohill, 1st prize: The Italian "internment": Restrictions placed on Italian aliens in Humboldt County during the Second World War

No prizes awarded

Timothy J. Michael, 1st prize tie: Twentieth-century whaling in Humboldt County, 1920-1951
Richard Wilutis, 1st prize tie: The Development of Humboldt County Transportation
Jennifer Johnson, 2nd prize: Blue Lake: Social and economic growth around the lake
Natalie Wojinski, 3rd prize: Pastoral splendor

Barbara Lani Stites, 2nd prize: The Arcata freeway: How it split the community more than just geographically

Kaaren Beaver Buffington, 2nd prize: A quilt for General Grant: A local response to a national need, Humboldt County, the U.S. Sanitary Commission and the Great Civil War
Jennifer Jean Coyne, 3rd prize: How the 1964 flood devastated the town of Klamath, California

Matt Pruden, 1st prize: "Organized efficiency" confronts pioneer values: Progressivism in Humboldt County, 1911-1914
Julie Milliman, 2nd prize: Falk: From a timber town to a ghost town

Jeffrey L. Pollard, 1st prize: Matching peaceful protest with a peaceful response: How the Humboldt State College anti-Vietnam protest of 1969-1970 remained non- violent
Scott Green, 2nd prize: Homer P. Balabanis: Humboldt's own classical man
C. Andrew McGuffin, 3rd prize: Humboldt County's participation in World War II

Colby Smart: Fort Humboldt: Profiles of an Era!
Jeanette Cooper: Horel House: The Essence of Victoriana

No prizes awarded

Sophie Huntington, 1st prize: In our midst: the Chinese expulsion from Eureka, California
Rita Jacinto, 2nd prize: Whilkut, white settlers, worlds apart
Lorraine A. Michaels, 3rd prize: Andersonia: a place that almost was

No prizes awarded

Elizabeth Claasen, 1st prize: The transformation of health care: national trends mirrored at the local level in Eureka, California's Union Labor Hospital
Paul G. Wilson, 2nd prize: The legacy of the log boom: Humboldt County logging from 1945 to 1955

Cory Siebert, 1st prize: Humboldt Harbour Lighthouse--a case for competent government

No prizes awarded

Erin Denney, 1st prize: Redwood logging in Humboldt County and the rise of conservation awareness, 1870-1930

No prizes awarded

Stefan Shumaker, 1st prize: Railroad Development: San Francisco to Humboldt Bay 1854-1914

Danielle Carmesin, 1st prize: Continuity or Change by Local BIA Agents on the Hoopa Valley Reservation

No prizes awarded

No prizes awarded

Kathryn LaSala, 1st prize: Boosterism in Humboldt County
Hannah Sapunor-Davis, 2nd prize: The Big Picture: The Public Art Tradition in Humboldt County

Matthew Herrera, 1st prize: World War II and Its Effect on Humboldt County
Monica Mays, 2nd prize: The Indian Island Massacre: A Powerful Reminder from the Published Perspective

Jeff Coomber, 1st prize: Death In the Redwoods: The Effects of The Spanish Influenza on Humboldt County
Nicole Log, 2nd prize: Black Gold: The Doomed Oil Industry of the Mattole Valley

James Garrison, 1st prize: The Company's Town: An Examination of the Longevity and Legacy of Scotia, California
Sean Mitchell, 2nd prize: The Demise of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad
Nicholas Gunvaldson, 3rd prize: A Dove's Honesty: Prostitution and Moral Reform Behind the Redwood Curtain

James Garrison, 1st prize: Humboldt's Uncivil War
Echo Aloe, 2nd prize: Strike for Peace, Humboldt State College, 1970

Colin Fulton, 1st prize: No compromise behind the Redwood Curtain: Earth First! and the timber wars in the California redwoods

Joshua Buck, 1st prize: Remember the Rails

Kevin Rieg, 1st prize: Eureka's Early Modern Theatres: The examination of local theatres between 1904-1906