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Swanlund-Baker Photograph Collection - Selected Images

ID: 1999.01.0009Binder: 7Title: Singley's Station, high water on Eel River [High Water on Eel River /ss]

ID: 1999.01.0017Binder: 11Title: [River & Mts /ss]

ID: 1999.01.0045Binder: 10Title: Load at top of Hill

ID: 1999.01.0055Binder: 10Title: Rear view tan bark

ID: 1999.01.0120Binder: 15Title: [3 cars & people in Redwoods/ss]

ID: 1999.01.0183Binder: 14Title: Group, Humboldt Co, Calif

ID: 1999.01.0233Binder: 12Title: The Merrifield Family - Miranda

ID: 1999.01.0265Binder: 6Title: Launching the Wannacomet

ID: 1999.01.0349Binder: 4Title: Sequoia Park

ID: 1999.01.0353Binder: 19Title: Group, Eureka Socialists

ID: 1999.01.0358Binder: 6Title: Girl standing in boat, Pearsall

ID: 1999.01.0421Binder: 10Title: [Pile of Tanbark with horses and wagon/unknown]

ID: 1999.01.0575Binder: 10Title: [4 men with axes/ss]

ID: 1999.01.0583Binder: 9Title: [Water wheel/ss]

ID: 1999.01.0599Binder: 1Title: Town of Requa about 1907

ID: 1999.01.0654Binder: 7Title: [Redwoods - Van Duzen Road/ss]

ID: 1999.01.0732Binder: 9Title: [Fences - Old Road - Sheep Country/ss]

ID: 1999.01.0772Binder: 17Title: [Cottage Gardens Nurseries Greenhouse and two houses]

ID: 1999.01.0850Binder: 17Title: [River current controls built into river to control erosion]

ID: 1999.01.0872Binder: 3Title: F Street Eureka

ID: 1999.01.0916Binder: 9Title: [Workers pose at warehouse and horses attached to wagons wait]

ID: 1999.01.0917Binder: 14Title: [Group of boys in lumber yard holding photographs]