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Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion Demographic, Social and Economic Statistics

This research guide to print and Internet resources lists major resources that provide demographic, social and economic statistics for northwestern California and the Klamath Bioregion. Listed are federal and California state statistical sources that provide data at least to the county level; and local reports that have been derived in many cases from federal and state sources. Key resources are noted with a pie chart () icon. For further assistance please contact Robert Sathrum, Natural Resources Librarian.

Source: CensusScope Charts and Trends

Table of Contents

For other statistical sources you should consult the following HSU Library research guides:


The reports and databases listed in this category include many statistical themes and are generally compiled from a combination of federal and state statistical sources, some of which are listed in the more specific categories which follow.


For forestry-related statistics see California Environment Information Sources--Forests, Woodlands and Rangelands



For historical census data see sources listed on Census Information.




Last Updated: November 15, 2010, by Robert Sathrum