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Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion Environment Information Sources

© Marc Hoshovsky

This research guide lists print and Internet resources that are general introductions or major data compilations on the northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion. Entries marked with a are key resources and databases.

For more specific studies and site-specific studies:

For further assistance please contact Robert Sathrum, Natural Resources Librarian.

Resources by Theme Resources by Environment Resources by Watershed Geospatial Resources


Directories--resources that are guides and portals to other information resources


Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry

See also the Sequoia sempervirens/Coast Redwood Information Sources research guide.

Coast and Ocean

For marine maps see Northwestern California Maps--Marine

Energy & Mineral Resources

Environmental Pollution

For environmental pollution maps see Northwestern California Maps--Environmental Pollution


This section predominately lists resources that are regional in scope. For more detailed or site-specific studies check 1) HSU Library Catalog for books; 2) GeoRef for journal articles, government documents, conference papers, and theses; and 3) references in the following citations. For geologic maps see Northwestern California Maps--Geology.

Land Use and Ownership

Natural Communities & Habitats

For maps of natural communities and habitats see Northwestern California Maps--Natural Communities & Habitats

Natural Hazards

For maps of natural hazard see Northwestern California Maps--Natural Hazards



For vegetation maps see Northwestern California Maps--Vegetation

Water Resources & Water Quality

For water-related maps see Northwestern California Maps--Water Resources & Water Quality

Weather & Climate

For weather and climate maps of northwestern California see Northwestern California Maps--Weather

Wildlife - General

Wildlife - Amphibians and Reptiles

Wildlife - Birds

Wildlife - Fish

Wildlife - Mammals

Klamath/Trinity Rivers

For a brief timeline of major developments in the Klamath Basin see Klamath River Legal.

Coastal Sand Dunes

Douglas Fir/Hardwood Forests

Humboldt Bay and Other Estuarine Environments

For Humboldt Bay and other estuarine maps see Northwestern California Maps--Humboldt Bay and Other Estuarine Maps

Redwood Forest

The separate research guide on Sequoia sempervirens/Coast Redwood Information Sources contains print and Internet resources that are general guides or basic introductions to coast redwood and its ecological relationships. For coast redwood maps see Northwestern California Maps--Redwoods

Last Updated: March 12, 2013, by Robert Sathrum