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Tim McKay Collection - Digital Files

Digital Files – Disks 8-12

Disk 8

  • McKay Documentation
  • Archive On Site Photos 2006; Photos of McKay home office at start of packing up
  • House Exterior Photos 2006
  • Library Documentation

Disk 9

  • Variety of images by, of and about McKay’s life, family, work.
    • Artifacts
      • Art; 58 images documenting McKay’s art collection displayed throughout his home.
      • Tee-shirts/caps approx 50 images of tee-shirts and baseball caps with messages/slogans, many with artwork. Donated to Clarke Historical Museum
      • Postcards – Approx. 10 images of postcards that were in one of the 4 binders that were not donated with the companion collection: McKay Postcard Collection
    • Scanned negatives – Images probably taken by Tim McKay; most taken late 1960s and early 1980s.
      • Family; 2 images of Laurel McKay when an infant
      • NEC
        • 3 images of PG and E nuclear power plant; about 10 images of people of viewing watersheds; 12 images of NEC plant sale, 6 images of Anti- Vietnam War demonstration (probably San Francisco)
      • Student
        • 7 photos (art) and one image of photo class with Professor Tom Knight; 7 Young people in swimming pool “water polo”; about 22 images Anti- Vietnam War demonstration (probably San Francisco); 3 HSU? Probably May 1970, relating to student protests
        • Beach cleanup; one image
        • NEC fire and NEC Ashes; two images
    • Photos
      • Family and Friends
        • 13 images of McKay and family and friends- 1970s-2000s; three images of McKay’s yard/garden
      • Kohnken Family - Tim as a baby, photos and documents pertaining to Tim’s father
      • Memorial at HSU 2006 (Images shown at Memorial are on Disk 13.)
        • Four images of several persons who attended the memorial event; (CD with more images in “Additional Donations”)

Disk 10

  • Correspondence – Dad to Tim (1968-1976, genealogy), 19 pages of documents
  • Correspondence – Tim to Dad (1966-1967), 15 pages of documents
  • Family (Letters and Papers) 4 pages of documents; probably one is a letter from Tim to daughter Laurel
  • Natural History – Gardening, Botany, Entomolgy, about 40 pages of lists
  • NEC (RNP meetings, Stop at 4)- about 5 pages of Redwood National Park planning notes; one campaign poster from 1972? Arcata city election

Disk 11

  • Correspondence; Tim to Dad, 1968; Seven letters

Disk 12

  • Files from Tim McKay’s home computer
    • Applications
    • Card… News
      • Cards and Such
        • Postcards—Many postcard images: Minnesota, Oregon, Shasta County, Siskiyou County, Stockton area, Tahoe, Yosemite, Trinity County
        • CavemeninSalem1940 – one image
        • Resource.FRK [utility]
    • Glass - collectable glass such as Tim’s mother collected
    • Jpg.Library and mp3s - about 100 images: photos, drawings, current issues, historical images, Tim and Michele Marta at peace rally
    • Klamath Work 9-02 [documents and images] Current issue and historical
    • KlamathRiver Topos - Topographical maps [2005]
    • Native Plant Garden [2003]
    • NEC Misc. [Docs primarily 2002-2005]
      • Biscuit Fire images and documents
      • NEC administration documents
      • ECONEWS
    • News… News [articles 2004-2007]
    • PCHTT [postcards-historic travel and tourism regional]; About 60 images Northwest California, Benicia
    • Resource.FRK [utility]
    • ScanWise Images [Bond, Klamath Deal 2005-2006]

Disk 13

  • 263 images from slide show shown at Tim McKay’s memorial service in August 2006. Wide variety of images from every era of Tim’s life and including good images of friends, co-workers, and associates from every aspect of Tim’s life. (CD with images of memorial service attendees in “Additional Donations”)

Disks 14-15

  • Restricted files until 2050, to protect the privacy of other persons. After 2049 disk 14 will be the public use disk and disk 15 is a back-up of disk 14.

Disk 16

  • Images of political and issue buttons