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November 21, 2012

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has submitted a new rulemaking proposal to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) for review and public comment.

Proposed Regulation: Facilities Annual Report Requirements      

Department Reference Number: R-2011-01                  

Office of Administrative Law Notice File Number:

The Public Notice and all related documents will be posted at

If you have any questions or comments, please email DTSC at

Public Comment Period: November 23, 2012 - January 7, 2013
January 2012 Announcement of Environmental Assessment availaibilty: San Francisco District Planning Branch: Humboldt Harbor and Bay O&M Dredging, Humboldt County, CA Jan. 13 - Feb. 13, 2012 (see notice for contact information)
November 2011 Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed 2012-2017 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program January 9, 2012, comments can be submitted online at
July 28, 2011 Green Point Sink Slope Sabilization 01-HUM-299 - Initial Study with Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration August 25, 2011
May 28, 2010 L7617 (FONSI FMP) and X7617 (FONSI Streelow Creek Tail) Fire Management Plan Redwood National Park, April 2010  
March 16, 2010 (L7617) Streelow Creek Trail Improvements Envioronmental Assessment April 23, 2010
March 5, 2010 L7617 (2010 FMP EA) Redwood National Park draft 2010 Fire Management Plan and environmental assessment. April 16, 2010
September 10, 2009 FONSI (L7617 NF LMC Bridge) North Fork Lost Man Creek Bridge, August 2009 (letter)  
July 21, 2009 Lost Man Creek-Holter Ridge hike-bike trail in Redwood National Park - EA proposal (L7617 NF LMC Bridge) August 24, 2009
April 15, 2009 Environmental Assessment on a plan to construct trails and associated facilities in Redwood National Park May 22, 2009
March 27, 2009 Notice of FONSI on Second Growth Forest Restoration South Fork Lost Man Creek Redwood National Park, Humboldt County, California No Response
Feb. 5, 2009 Public Comment Meetings on the Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan/Environmental Assessment for Humboldt National Wildlife Refuge in Northern California March 23, 2009
Jan. 9, 2009 Notice of Availability: Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report on Gravel Removal from the Lower Mad River, Humboldt County, CA Comments by March 6, 2009, Hearing date and time to be posted in newspaper
Dec. 30, 2008 Establishment of Post-Certification Mailing List for the Humboldt Bay Generating Station, 06-AFC-7C  
Jan. 7, 2009 Notice of Finding - Redwood National Park and Green Diamond Resource Company Rights-of-Way Exchange Environmental Assessment  
Dec. 15, 2008 Environmental assessment on a proposal to thin second growth forests in the South Fork of the Lost Man Creek in Redwood National Park near Orick. Feb. 13, 2009
Rcvd 10/30/2008 Notice of availability of the Commission Decision on the Humboldt Bay Repowering Project  
Rcvd 10/3/2008 Environmental assessment on proposal to grant deeded rights-of-way (ROW) to Green Diamond Resource Company (GDRCo) for use of some existing roads in Redwood National Park in exchange for park use of some existing (GDRCo) roads. Nov. 14, 2008
Rcvd 10/10/2008 Notice of Correction to scoping meeting date on Klamath Hydroelectric Project  
Rcvd 10/2/2008 Notice of preparation and of scoping meetings for an environmental impact report for 401 water quality certification of the Klamath Hydroeletric Project October 30, 2008
June 2, 2008 Public Participation in reveiw of Humboldt Bay Repowering Project Final Staff Assessment and Notice of Final Staff Assessment Workshop for the Humboldt Bay Repowering Project (06-AFC-7) June 16, 2008
May 30, 2008 Coastal Permit Application 1-07-038, Convert an existing segment of Highway 101 from a four lane expressway to a four-lane freeway, from just north of the Van Duzen River Bridge... June 12, 2008
Rcvd: May 16, 2008 Notice of prehearing conference and evidentiary hearing for Application for Certification for the Humboldt Bay Repowering Project by Pacific Gas and Electric May 28, 2008 and June 17, 2008
Jan 4, 2008 Notice of Second Preliminary Staff Assessment Workshop for the Humboldt Bay Repowering Project (06-AFC-7) Jan. 16, 2008
Nov. 30, 2007 Notice of Preliminary Staff Assessment Workshop for the Humboldt Bay Repowering Project (06-AFC-7) Dec. 14, 2007
June 14, 2007 National Park Service seeking comments on environmental assessment for supplying water to the Redwood Maintenance Facility on Aubell Lane in Del Norte County. July 27, 2007
May 15, 2007 National Park Service is proposing to replace a failing culvert along the Streelow Creek Trail in Redwood National Park and State Parks with a bridge. June 22, 2007
March 16, 2007 Notice of Public Workshop and CEQA Scoping Meeting concerning the development of an amendment to the Regional Water Quality Control Plan for the North Coast Region to address Low Threat Discharges and Information Document April 26, 2007 in Santa Rosa
November 28, 2006 News Release: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior. Service Proposes Critical Habitat for Tidewater Goby Public Comments until January 29, 2007
December 5, 2006 Notice of Supplemental Information for the Humboldt Bay Repowering Project Application for Certification (06-AFC-7). Supplement Received in Library, see Library Catalog. Public workshops and hearings will be held over the next few months.
October 12, 2006 Public Participation in the Review of the PG&E Humboldt Bay Repowering Project Application for Certification (06-AFC-7) Public workshops will be held over the next few months.
October 13, 2006 Lost Man Creek Watershed Restoration Plan Environmental Assessment - FONSI In Library, see: QH105.C2 R44 2006
June 27, 2006 Lost Man Creek Watershed Restoration Plan Environmental Assessment July 28, 2006
May 23, 2006 Open House for Proposed Replacement of Four Bridges on State Route 169 in Humboldt County from Post Mile 22.2 to 30.2 Weitchpec Tribal Office: Thursday, June 1, 2006, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
March 28, 2006 Amendment to the Regional Water Quality Control Plan of the North Coast Region Shasta River Watershed Water Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Total Maximum Daily Loads Fortuna, River Lodge Conference Center, Public Hearing: May 17, 2006
February 27 , 2006 Humboldt Harbor and Bay Operations and Maintenance Dredging - Draft Environmental Assessment Comment period: February 27 - March 13, 2006.
December 16, 2005 Notice of Availabilty of a Draft Environmental Impact Report SCH #2004022025. DRAFT Environmental Impact Report for the Draft Jackson Demonstration State Forest Management Plan. 60 day comment period, ending February 14, 2006.
Oct. 3, 2005 Action Plan for the Scott River Watershed Sediment and Temperature Total Maximum Daily Loads Arcata Public Workshop: Oct. 19, 2005
October 28, 2004 U.S. Department of Interior, California Department of Parks and Recreation. Cover Letter for Port-Orford-Cedar Environmental Assessment to guide the management of Port-Orford-Cedar in Redwood National and State Parks. Port-Orford-Cedar in the parks is found primarily in Del Norte County in the Smith River watershed. Dec. 3, 2004
September 15, 2004 NOTICE and COVER of Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact for Humboldt Levee Repair and Restoration - Reclamation District 768 - 39 pages includes maps, drawings and charts October 20, 2004 - 4:00 pm
August 20, 2004 National Park Service - Humboldt County: Consistency determination for Freshwater Lagoon Spit Development Concept Plan - See also: September 9, 2004, Wharfinger Building, Eureka 9:00 am
July 9, 2004 2004 Regional Bicycle Transportation Plan Update: for incorporated cities of Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Trinidad and County of Humboldt. July 29, 2004
June 14, 2004 Triennial Review of the Water Quality Control Plan (Basin Plan) for the North Coast Region July 15, 2004
June 25, 2004 Consistency determination by National Park Service for Freshwater Lagoon Spit Development Concept Plan, Redwood National Park, Humboldt County July 14, 2004
February 20, 2004 Mitigated Negative Declaration for PG&E Humboldt Bay Power Plant Maintenance Dredging of Intake Canal Headworks - 35 pages in pdf format. Comments to be received by March 24, 2004 to Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District. Eureka: 3/24/04
January 29, 2004 Redwood National and State Parks - (pdf)
Management plan of Port-Orford Cedar primarily in Del Norte County in the Smith River watershed. Public meetings being held in Eureka (Feb 11) and Crescent City (Feb 12).
Eureka: 2/11/04
Crescent City: 2/12/04

January 21, 2004 PUC - (pdf) Grant funding opportunities for Telecommunication services to rural areas of California. Eureka: 2/10/04
January 2004 Water Quality Control Plan for the North Coast Region - (pdf) Public Workshop February 10, 2004
December 31, 2003 Special Mitigation and Monitoring Proposal Guidelines - (pdf) covering coastal portions of California, etc. January 31, 2004