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Showcase on California, Selected Bibliography

The many agencies in the State of California continually put out a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics, such as education, history, energy, agriculture and ecology. This display is here to introduce everyone to what California has to offer and as a Federal Depository Library, we are recieving these valuable and resourceful documents for your interest.

Display case Display Case

Title: Atlas of the Biodiversity of California

SuDoc: CalDocs F650.A85b

Title: California Historical Landmarks

Call No: CalDocs P155.L2 1982

Title: Outdoor California

Call No: CalDocs F650.O8 v.64 no.4

Title: Agricultural Resouce Directory

Call No.: CalDocs F650.O8 v.64 no.4

Title: The Future of Solar Energy in California

Call No: CalDocs L500.R452 1977 no.3

Title: Wind Engergy: Investing in our Energy Future

Call No.: CalDocs E2015.W556

Title: Trout of California

Call No: CalDocs F650.T7 1968

Title: Warm Water Game Fishes of California

Call No.: CalDocs F650.W34 1981

Title: Onshore Fishes of California

Call No:CalDocs F650.I52 1960

Title: Waterfowl of California

Call No.: CalDosF650.W4a 1974

Title: Raptors of California

Call No: CalDocs F650.R357

Title: Gold Districts of California

Call No.: CalDocs C810.B9 no. 193 1998

Title: Big Game of California

Call No: CalDocs F650.G3bi 1968

Title: Preparing our Children to Learn

Call No.: CalDocs L500.C54p

Title: Visit the World...In California

Call No: CalDocs C730.V5

Title: Governor's Budget Summary 2004-05

Call No.: CalDocs G275.B8 2004-05 Summ.[CD-Rom]

Title: Statement of Vote

Call No: CalDocs S400.V6 2002 March