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Friends Donor Recognition

Every donor to the Humboldt State University Library becomes a Friend and contributes to the accomplishments of the University and the achievements of our students and faculty. We would like to recognize and thank our Friends for their generous support. In addition to those whose names appear below, we thank those who wish to remain anonymous.

January 2009 - December 2009

Linda and John Adams
Albert Baeskens
Robin Bailie
Joan Berman
Steven Brown
Malcolm Buchanan
Judith Carlson
Rachel Carlson
Charles and Georgia Clark
Melvin and Theresa Clinch
Jay Davis
Michael Davis
Milton Dobkin
Charles and Judith Dvorak
Wiliam Edick
Eleanor Fisch
Vicki Griffith
Dennis Hanson
Eigoro Hashimoto
Barbara and Curtis Hill
Blair and Edward Hinz
Deborah Hollowell
Robert J. Hughes, Hughes & Associates
Sharon Kauffman
Peter and Sharmon Kenyon
Judith King
Ellen Land-Weber
James Legler
Maclyn and Ann McClary
Duncan McClusky
Alistair and Judith McCrone
Valjean McKenzie
Linda and Somkham Morgan
Sue Y. Lee Mossman
Logan and Cheryl Olds
Elizabeth Prange
Dale Preston
Frederick and Thyra Rovner
John and Nhu-Quynh Schafer
James Smith
Jeanne Sullivan
Cindy and Dale Stockly
Kathleen and David Tahja
Heather Taylor
Nancy and Louis Weinrich
Frank and Barbara Wernette
Carol Whitehurst