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Friends Donor Recognition

Every donor to the Humboldt State University Library becomes a Friend and contributes to the accomplishments of the University and the achievements of our students and faculty. We would like to recognize and thank our Friends for their generous support. In addition to those whose names appear below, we thank those who wish to remain anonymous.

July 2004 - June 2005

Audrie G. Allyn
Kristen S. Atkinson
Robin Bailie
Kim & Sile Bauriedel
Malcolm Buchanan
Gladys Burritt
Glen and Lolita Carter
Catherine Christen
Cheryl & Jeff Conner
Kathryn L. Corbett
Jeffrey Cox
Carol J. Davis
Jay M. Davis, M.D.
Milton & Bette Dobkin
Kathleen L. Dunn
Robert Ewing
Joseph & Joyce Farruggia
Gloria Fulton
Vicki L. Griffith
Jim & Liz Haskins
Cheryl Henriksen
Carey and Duncan Hobbs
Rich & Terri Hollander
Thelma Ingebritson
Frank & Gwendolyn Jolly
Gayle Karshner
Peter & Sharmon Kenyon
Raymond A. Lacy II, D.D.S.
Ellen Land-Weber
Joe S. Leeper
Kay Lipscomb-Gladden
John K. Mayeski
Maclyn H. McClary
Duncan McClusky
Alistair & Judith McCrone
Ruth Moon
Peter and Gale Mosgofian
Sue Lee Mossman
Carolyn Mueller
Anne Nelson
Logan Olds
Samuel & Pearl Oliner
Richard & Gail Paselk
Janice Rothrock
Giles Sinclair
Jennifer Sowle
Richard J. Stanewick
Steven Streufert
Jeanne E. Sullivan
Sara M. Turner
William & Lucille Vinyard
Thomas F. Wattle
Melinda Weinrich
Carol A. Whitehurst
Dean Willis
Ted Wimmer
Frank B. Wood
Naida Zucker & Richard Spellenberg