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Elizabeth Shaw Anderson

Elizabeth Shaw Anderson

Elizabeth Shaw Anderson was an avid collector of art, turn of the century dollhouses, and miniature and antique furniture. One of her pastimes was listening to opera. She had an extensive recordings collection, and, after her death in 2002, her children thought it would have given her great joy to know that part of it would go to Humboldt State University for others to enjoy.

Born in San Francisco in 1925, Elizabeth Shaw Anderson was a graduate of UCSF Nursing, class of 1948. She and her husband, Dr. Richard Anderson, moved to Eureka in the early 1950s. After the move she complained that this was a dingy town that looked like any other lumber town; they were supposed to be in the trees and there were no trees. As a result of this first civic cause brought to the city of Eureka by Dr. and Mrs. Anderson, a beautification committee was formed and the revitalization of Eureka began.

An active supporter of the arts and civic causes in Eureka and Humboldt County, Mrs. Anderson taught in the Nursing Department at HSU and retired as Infection Control Director from General Hospital.

This wonderful gift provides significant curricular support for both music and theatre. Given limited local resources for live performance, it also contributes to an enhanced cultural environment for our students and the larger community.